Digital footprints…what are they and why are they important?

I know for a fact that you have heard of the term ‘digital footprints’.

Do you really know what they are ?

Tomorrow we will view this segment from  Behind the News. You will be asked to leave a quality comment. I wonder why?

digital footprint

By the way …what is a quality comment? The information contained in the image below is courtesy of…  another blog worth exploring if you have time to explore our Global blogging community.

Quality Comments

40 thoughts on “Digital footprints…what are they and why are they important?

  1. Greetings Mrs Kane,
    After watching the BTN Video I worked out that a definition of a Digital Footprint is when you are being followed or being spied on and you are leaving Digital Footprint.
    The two things I learnt from the BTN Video are; to never sign up for anything without asking an adult first or if you don’t know what you are signing up for. My other thing that I learnt from this Video was to be Cyber Safe and never let anyone get any of your personal details or personal information.
    This is important to me because I do not want any of my personal information taken away from me.
    Kindest Regards,
    From Hayley

    • I agree Haley
      I would not want any of my personal details taken away from me. It would a disaster.
      I have also agreed to get permission when I sign up for using internet. Most of all it is cyber safety. I would like to be safe on a computer or any devise like that.

      Thanks Haley, these details will help me lots.

      From Maddie

    • I agree Haley

      I would not want any of my personal details taken away from me, It would be a disaster. most of of I think being cyber safety Its good to be safe on the internet. If your not imagination what will happen.

      Thanks Haley i will follow your details and hope for the best.

      From Maddie

  2. From my understanding is that digital footprints are clues and information that shows and can reveal your identity. I learnt that if you don’t want to reveal your identity then try not to disclose personal information for example age, full name and address. This is important to me because I need to know how to deal with digital footprints and keep safe.


    • Hi Andrejs,
      I really liked the way you used the word identity, I never thought of that my self.
      I hope you have liked my reply to your comment. See you on Monday!
      From: Tim.

      • Hi Tim
        It just so happens that I agree with you. I really like the word clues you used and your use of reveal. I think that your comment is great.

        From Cameron

    • Hi Andrejs,
      I agree with keeping all of your personal information to yourself because just a couple of sentences can give everything away! One of the two things that could really lead to disasters are
      1: Social networks or accounts such as Instagram, kik, I message, twitter, face book or any online or social networks.
      2: YOUTUBE, YouTube can be dangerous because any people at any time can be putting clips or videos on there and if you spell only one word wrong you may be accidentally looking at things that you are not meant to be.
      These online sites can be very useful if they are used in the right hands!
      Kind regards Jessica

  3. After watching the BTN video I learnt a lot about digital footprints. My digital footprint follows me everywhere I go and records nearly everything I do. if I were to drive somewhere or go somewhere I would usually be recorded on camera. Even if I were to go and buy something with my credit card it would tell the computers where I am what time I bought the object and who I am. The video has also taught me a bit how to be safer online
    My understanding of a digital footprint is pretty much a digital record of what you do online and the information you share can travel a very long way in a very short time, so you need to be safe online.
    My digital footprint is important to me because it kind of tracks me everywhere online and shows other people my Digital Footprint and who I am.
    By Charlie 4.B 🙂

    • Dear Charlie:),
      I agree with your comment because a digital foot print can follow you almost everywhere! I also like your comment because you explained everything you need to know about a digital foot print. I think your comment was written really well and you had a good understanding of what a digital foot print actually is.
      Kind Regards Rebecca:)

  4. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I learnt that a digital footprint is leaving a trace of where you’ve been online.
    Two pieces of information that I learnt from the video are that police can track down criminals and missing people from their digital footprint. I also learnt that people can get an idea of the person you are from your digital footprint.
    This is important for me to know because it makes me think twice about the things that I search up and the things that I post online.

  5. Dear Mrs Kane,

    A digital footprint is created when you use technology. It traces your steps when you use it.

    I learnt that this can be used in places you never expect for example credit cards and social media.

    The second thing I learnt is you can post something on the internet and years after it can be tracked down and find you on the internet.

    This is important to me because I can learn and be safe on the internet when I am older. I want to be cyber safe when I’m older so I’m happy.

    Kind Regards

    • I totally agree with Angus. I like how you said what it was and how it can happen. Thanks for the good tip. Keep safe.

    • Dear Angus,
      your comment is awesome. It tells you heaps about a digital footprint. I think you put a lot of effort into your amazing comment. I think if someone didn’t know about a digital footprint was and read your comment, they would know it straight away. I also like how you put your text into a paragraph.

      From Max

    • Dear Angus,

      I really liked your definition of a digital footprint. I also couldn’t believe you can be tracked down using credit cards! I also agree that what you put on the internet stays on the internet.

      See you on Monday!

    I think a digital footprint is when you leave evidence whenever you pay with a credit card. On the phone to somebody and security cameras on the road and at shops. And everything you put online.
    The two things I learned was that nearly every were you go you leave a digital footprint. The second thing I learned was that you shouldn’t give away personal information, on online media like Facebook, Twitter and other online media.
    This was important to me because now I know not to give away personal information. I will be very careful to what my digital footprints are.

    • Hi Georgia, I really liked and agree with your conclusion and how you want to be careful of what your digital footprints are. I will have my comment up as soon as I can.
      Kind regards Raffi.

  7. From my understanding, a digital foot print can be used to get information from your credit card, mobile phone, speed cameras, sidelight pictures, and all online social media. A digital foot print is any traces of yourself or anything that you put online and what it does is that it builds a big wall of information that could be used against you! Something that I learnt that in the places that you least expected is exactly where your information might be found!
    When we were watching the BTM video I realised that you really have to think twice about all of the places that you could be giving out personal information and that everywhere that you go leaves some sort of digital foot prints.
    This video is important to me because it made me give a second thought about leaving any digital foot prints and not to give out any information.
    Kind regards Jessica –rose!

    • Dear Jess,
      I really agree with your comment and I extremely like how you said, it builds a big wall of information that could be used against you!.
      Kind regards Laura

      • Dear Jess,
        I agree with you by saying that you shouldn’t be giving out personal information about yourself. I also liked how your paragraph was very flowing and you used good words.
        Kind Regards Georgia

        • Dear Georgia and Laura,
          Thank you very much for replying to my comment! I also really liked your comments and how you explained all of the devices that could get information from you!
          Thankyou from Jessica

  8. Dear Mrs Kane,

    From my perspective, a digital footprint is any traces of yourself you leave digitally. One thing that I got out of the BTN video was that you can be tracked practically anywhere. For example speed cameras, credit cards, mobile phones, CCTV, social media, etc. Another thing that I learnt is that people can hack websites so be careful what you post on the internet. My digital footprint is important to me because it tells the world whether I am an intelligent person or not.

    Kind Regards,

    • Dear Joseph,

      I think you gave me a great explanation about digital footprints.
      I really like the part that says it leaves traces of yourself where you leave digital use.
      It gave me a great idea of what a digital footprint is.
      I think it should be in the newspaper.

      Kind Regards

  9. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I think a digital footprint is when you leave evidence on the internet.
    I learnt that you can be tracked down when you use internet and what you post on the internet. You can be traced where ever you go when you’re using electronics. You can reveal you true identity when you give personal details so try not to give your details out.
    This is important to me because I need to be safer on the internet.
    Watch what you do on the internet!!!

    • Hi Laura,

      Its Hayley here, I would just like to say that I agree with your comment because I really liked how you described what a digital footprint was with technical words like traced and evidence. So well done for being so descriptive with your work.

      My Kindest Regards,

    • To Laura,
      I agree with you I think you can leave digital footprints here there and everywhere. I agree with your ending and you’re not the only one. I said that too and many others did say that they have to be more careful on the internet.
      kind regards Molly

  10. Dear Mrs Kane,
    As you know today we watched BTN about digital footprints. A digital footprint is personal information you get from a credit card, speed cameras, mobile phones, social networks and other camera use to track people.
    Two things I learnt about digital footprints are that you are pretty much being watched with your every move. Speed cameras check your information and check if your car is registered and if you use your credit card your showing where you are and mobile phones show where you are roughly and who you are talking to and there number.
    This is important to me because I need to be more careful of what I search on the internet and what I do on my iPad.
    !!Be careful of what you do on the internet!!
    From Molly

    • Hi Molly,
      I totally agree with everything you said. I love how you commented,
      ‘Be careful of what you do on the internet’!

      Kind regards, Emma

  11. Dear Mrs Kane,
    These are my answers for you. A digital footprint is a trail of information using technology which you can follow up on the person.
    I learnt that you are being seen and recorded whenever you use a device. I also learnt that you shouldn’t disclose your personal information.
    Not giving away personal information is an importance to me so that I can be Cyber smart.
    I hope that you have enjoyed my comment, and hopefully it has met your expectations.
    Yours truly, Tim.

  12. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I think that the definition of a digital footprint is when you are on any technology tracking doing on the internet. They can be tracking you were ever you go with devices like phones, Credit cards, Computers and many other devices.
    My Digital footprint is important to me because I now know that you have to be careful on the internet.
    From Oscar

    • Hello Year 5A/ Oscar,
      I agree with you when you said that you have to be very careful of what you put onto the internet!
      I also really like how you listed all of the ways that you could get trapped using the internet!
      From Jessica

  13. Hi 5A,
    when we watched the BTN video for our homework I am responding on the blog for feedback or responses to one of my class mates. Joseph I loved the language you used throughout your comment. I liked how you used the words practically, perspective, traces and example. I really liked your words because it actually made you sound like an adult, and everything made sense. Also it was interesting.
    Thanks for a great comment from Grace 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I understand that a digital foot print can be on computers, phones, cameras and anything else electronic. It is when your personal information can be followed or hacked.
    From watching the BTM video I have learned lots of interesting things. A digital foot print can be almost anywhere. When you are getting cash you put your credit card through the auto teller and it scans all the information on your credit card, leaving a digital foot print. I also learned that speed cameras can scan your number plate and check if your car is registered. I found that was very interesting. This is important to me because it keeps me safe.
    I hope you enjoyed my comment,
    Kind Regards Rebecca.

    • Hello Rebecca,
      thank you for following up on the class activity and posting your comment. The BTN segment made me think a little more carefully about the many ways we are traced and tracks we leave…our digital footprint.
      Well done!
      Mrs Kane

    • Hi Rebecca,
      I agree with your understanding of a digital footprint but a digital footprint is not something that can be hacked. Only your information that you put online can be hacked. I really liked how you described what you learnt.
      Regards Zara. 🙂 🙂
      P.S. it’s a BTN video.

  15. I think a quality comment is when a comment has correct punctuation, interesting words(like stuff = paraphernalia ) and it has to be relevant to the topic. Thanks for listening.

  16. To Georgia
    I agree with you because it can leave evidence when you are paying on any credit card or on any devices that you can pay on.
    From Oscar

  17. To Jess
    I agree with Jess because it can leave evidence when you are paying on any credit card or on any devices that you can pay on.
    From Oscar

  18. Hello year 5A,
    I don’t know about you but I am really enjoying learning about digital foot prints. Now I am being extra careful of things I am doing on the Internet!
    One of the things that I never knew could happen is that when you scan your credit card it says what time you have been at that place and your first and last name!
    Any way I am loving learning about digital foot prints, and being Cyber safe on the internet!
    You’r sincerely Jessica!

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