Smart Learning…make it a habit.

Over the part two weeks you have been investigating your family’s immigration history…the where from, why, when and how.
I’d like you to reflect upon your success or otherwise on this task.
So tell me…
Which Habits of Mind have you mostly used to achieve some success on this task?
Can you tell me which habits and how they have helped you?

20 thoughts on “Smart Learning…make it a habit.

  1. Good-Evening Mrs Kane,
    After the past few weeks we have been working on our Immigration History of our families and during that we had to use some Habit of Minds. My group Francess, Nelson, Noah and Myself have had to use these habits of minds; Persistence, Applying Past Knowledge, Taking Responsible Risks, Remaining Open to Continuous Learning and Working/ Thinking Interdependently.
    We used Persistence for when we audio recorded our big question when it didn’t work as well has planned, we also used persistence when we couldn’t find a website that had good information on it that we wanted and it was our fault we didn’t get a website that could help us because we weren’t specific enough, for example we just typed up the word ‘England’ and nothing good came up so it would be a pretty good idea if we were more specific about what information we wanted.
    We used Applying Past Knowledge from last year and from when we had some help from the person who gave us the information on our families Immigration History.
    Our group also used Taking Responsible Risks for when we had the chance to go and sit outside and work on our OneNote Page with our audio recording. The teacher also used this Habit of Mind for when the she let us work outside so technically this Habit of Mind is shared between the kids and teachers.
    Thirdly my group used Remaining Open to Continuous Learning because we were all up and running and all exited to do this group activity because we just loved learning about our family history and the England history.
    The last Habit of Mind we used was Working/ Thinking Interdependently. We had to use this Habit of Mind to create our BIG Question and we also had to work together on our researching because some of us weren’t really sure what to do so I helped them because I had finished and they said ‘It made it really easier when I had helped them because they were not sure what to do at all with the researching.
    So they were all the Habits of Mind we used in our group and they helped us a lot so some of us got through our work really well.
    Kindest and Most Thankful Regards,

    • Thank you Hayley for your extremely detailed and informative comment.
      It is interesting that you identified that teachers as well as their students use the Habits of Mind as well.
      Sometimes it helps us keep one step ahead of the class. For a teacher, organisation is very important Habit of Mind to practise one but it never hurts to ‘find the humour’ either.
      Mrs Kane.

  2. Hi Mrs Kane,
    Over the past week’s we have been investigating our family’s immigration history, so now I will tell you about my habits of the mind as you told us.
    In my group of 4 we I believe we have been using many habits of the mind. I think that I am great at using organisation, this is because on my one note I have all my bits of information on both pages all sorted and organised. Also I have my website tabs all open and it is easier to get to things. Lastly I think that I am using persistence very well. I sometimes get frustrated in this activity when I cant get the right website for information. When I cant find the right website then I persist by trying harder and using more intelligent and specific words in the Google search bar. I might be ready for the due date on Tuesday. Thanks From Grace

    • Grace ,
      Thankyou for your comment,
      I think the skill of being more specific with your search words on Google, is one that everyone needs to continue to refine. It certainly saves a lot of time and frustration when you are more accurate with this.
      Mrs Kane

  3. To Mrs Kane and 5A,
    I have really enjoyed learning about my family immigration; my pair and I have been working really well and helped each other on any problems or suggestion that we came across!
    One of the habits of the mind that I used is using past knowledge- I used this when last year we had to do a poster on our family and I used my knowledge that I got from that project.
    One other thing is Persisting- I had to persist when, at one time, I went into my one note and some of my work deleted; I had to get all of my information again. My partner Bec helped me a lot and… great team work!
    Thank you Kind regards Jessica-rose!

    • Thank you Jessica for your comment.
      I am pleased that you worked well with the other two people in your group.
      What do you think it was that your group did to make you work so well? What behaviours or skills?
      Mrs Kane

  4. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I love doing Inquiry, the two habits of minds I have used are…
    The first one I used was persistence. I always persisted with finding a good website with useful information and dealing with OneNote.
    The second thing is organisation, I have to make sure my OneNote was organized so I can find things and see them clearly.
    They both helped me because if I don’t persist I will find it very hard to find a website. Also if I am not organized, I will struggle to find things and not have them done in time.
    King Regards Georgia

  5. Dear Mrs Kane,

    There have been a number of Habits of Mind that I have used throughout our inquiry. I have used most of them, but I’ll mention the most important ones. The first is Question and Problem Posing. This is because when I found out a new bit of information, I had to ask “but why?” until I get to the bare bones of the information. Another important Habit that I have used is Managing Impulsivity. I think that I was using my time wisely. Sometimes I was distracted, but I got back to the task. My last one is Persisting. I used this because it was hard to find relevant websites, but I persisted using good search words and found the ones that I needed.

    Kind Regards,

    • Joseph,
      I found your comment both interesting and accurate.
      I would agree that these were important behaviours that you in particular adopted to, and I use your words, ‘get to the bare bones’ and find out the ‘but why’?
      Hopefully this experience will assist you with our next investigation.

  6. Dear Mrs Kane
    I have found out that it is good working in a group because it is helpful having a group. I have used some of the habits of the mind by helping my team mates and asking questions help me get more information.
    From Oscar

  7. Dear Mrs Kane,
    Throughout this task I have used quiet a lot of the habits of mind. So here are three habits of mind I think I used well the most.
    Well first there’s organisation. I have used this to set up my OneNote by making a new page and creating a new OneNote folder.
    Secondly there’s persisting. I have used persisting a lot by trying to find good helpful websites, and getting enough work done in each session.
    My last one would probably be, working interdependently. I have used this by helping my group members with their OneNote page, and helping write my groups big question.
    I have really learnt a lot about my family now.
    Kind Regards Rebecca

    • Rebecca,
      I appreciate the detail you have included in your comment.
      I was pleased to read that you worked to support your group members. Given that this has been your first task this year, I’d like to know what were some of the difficulties you experienced when it came to working in a group?
      Mrs Kane

  8. Mrs Kane,
    I believe the habit of mind I used most was applying past knowledge. It helped me to gather lots of past information and look back to the project I did last year on my family history. It also helped me process my information quicker.
    Regards Zara

  9. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I really enjoy working on the immigration project and I liked learning more about my families past. The habits of mind that I used was to be persistent, because every website I looked in had no text for the year I was looking for. Another habit of mind that I used was using past knowledge because last year we did a little bit about our family history and I used some information from that.
    Kind regards Laura

    • Laura,
      I was unaware until we started this project that you had dabbled into your family history.
      It must have been helpful to have some ‘prior knowledge’ to assist you with this task.
      I’m guessing this task was a little more challenging.
      Mrs Kane

    • Hi Laura,
      that was a great comment posted on the blog I loved the way you used lot’s of describing words and it flowed really well. I also like the way you gave a detailed description on how you found your imformation.
      regards chloe

  10. Dear Mrs Kane,

    The habits of mind that we used were persisting because when we had to get information on the word doc, we had to keep searching websites to get the information we wanted. I also used the “past knowledge” habit of mind because I knew when we came to Australia and a lot of other things about my immigration.
    From: Tim.

  11. Hi Mrs kane
    Over the past few weeks we have been working on our immigration history.
    But I would not of done it with out a couple of habits of mind..
    They are:
    applying past knowledge, because with out I would have done nothing.
    Next I had to persist, because I found barley any web sites and I could not under stand them.
    last but not least working… interdependently, it was hard but with the help of the group I was able to cooperate and contribute. but some times I found it hard not to be serious.
    Kind Regards

  12. Dear Mrs Kane
    I believe the habit of mind I used most was thinking flexibly because you have to be open to change, brain storming ideas and combined them to get a great idea. or answer.

  13. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I would say I used persisting a lot because I couldn’t find any websites but in the end I found some pretty good websites. I also used past knowledge because I new where my grandma came from and when but I didn’t know the name of the boat and other things about the boat.

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