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Our class ‘read aloud’ text for this term is Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. Many of you would be familiar with his humorous stories such as Misery Guts, Blabber Mouth and Worry Warts…lots of laughs!

So what about Boy Overboard?   This novel certainly contains some humour, that’s for sure. ( Judging from the quiet giggles from the audience. By the way, that’s you, 5A .)

However, you do not have to think too deeply to recognise that, in sharing the story of Jamal and Bibi ( the main characters), there is much more to tell. As we read, we make connections,. The stories become real.

Below is a link to a BTN segment ‘Afghanistan’.  This video deals with some sensitive issues and as such, you might like to involve mum or dad in this homework task .


I’d really value your response to these questions…

What ‘text to text’ or ‘text to world’ connections pop into your head as you watch this BTN segment? Would like swap places with  Bibi and Jamal?

What ‘big questions’ to you have?








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  1. To dear Mrs Kane,
    For starters I wouldn’t want to swap places with Jamal and Bibi. I say that because it is to risky with the landmines and all the bombs wars and civil wars. After watching that BTN episode I was wondering what it is actually like in Afghanistan without TV, music and other conditions?

    • Thank you Molly,
      I would also be wondering the same. It seems as if it would be a very different existence. I wonder what children your age do in their spare time.
      Mrs Kane

  2. Hi Mrs Kane,
    After watching the BTN video I realized how people must be feeling. If I lived there I would be feeling very frightened and would not even wanting to leave the house. I would not want to swap places with Bibi and Jamal because it would be scary,very loud and… I am a girl. I would not be able to leave home without my mum which is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad because I would hardly ever be able to leave the house. Good because I would have a harder chance of getting hurt.
    Some question’s I have about the BTN video is how long do the soldiers have to stay there and why so long?
    Another question is, if I were to disobey the rules of government, what are the punishments?
    Kind Regards Georgia

    • Georgia,
      Your questions prove to me that you have been able to connect to the information communicated by the BTN video. Hmmm…being a girl in Afghanistan, probably for you being a girl, I not a lot of fun. Is it fair, probably not.
      Your question about our soldiers being in Afghanistan is a very political one. That means that many, many Australians have been asking the same question of our government.
      A decision was made last year in regard to this. Why don’t you make this one of your research questions when I give you time in class to do the research.
      Mrs Kane

  3. I relate to this BTM video because I know what it is like to be able to have a vote for something that you believe in but sometimes people don’t always agree!
    I also think that the landscape and setting of the area in Afghanistan looks very similar to the landscape that I imagined at Jamel and Bibi’s house in Afghanistan!
    One of the Questions that I really want to find out is: Is that Afghanistan war still going on now!
    I am really enjoying Boy Overboard and I would like to continue on with the series!
    Thankyou Jess-rose

  4. Dear Mrs Kane,

    The kids in the BTN segment were surrounded by soldiers, guns, and tanks. I would definitely not like to switch places with Jamal and Bibi. The ‘text to text’ connection I had that was in the video was that the reporter said the Taliban did not let girls go to school and told them to cover themselves up when they go outside. Another one was that the Taliban didn’t allow music, kites and TV. I wonder what they do for entertainment?! The ‘text to world’ connection that I had was that the kids are just like us but their day to day life is very different from ours.

    Kind Regards,

    • Joseph,
      I wonder how they are be able to be happy. I know, as children, they would be. Perhaps it is a case of, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. Some children would never have experienced the freedoms that you do and therefore don’t know what they are missing.
      What do you think?
      Mrs Kane

  5. Dear Mrs Kane
    After watching that BTN segment it made me wonder. How long does this war need to last because I don’t understand how long it takes to achieve what the Prime Minister has set for the Australian army. I would definitely not swap with Jamal and Bibi because what I saw was scary, guns and punishments, what they do to these innocent people. I hope the war finishes soon.
    From Andrejs

  6. Dear Mrs Kane
    After watching that BTN segment it made me wonder. How long does this war need to last because I don’t understand how long it takes to achieve what the prime minister has set for the Australian army. I would defiantly not swap with Jamal and Bibi because what i saw was scary guns and punishments to what they do to these innocent people. I hope the war finishes soon and I also hope that people try not to do bad things.
    From Andrejs

  7. Dear Mrs Kane,
    For me I wouldn’t want to swap with Bibi because I would hate to not be able to do you what you desperately wanted to. Well, if you don’t understand, I mean you can’t follow your dreams, if you stay in that awful camel snotty place. So after I watched the BTN episode I was really astonished because I would not be able to live without TV or Music because that is practically my life (apart from eating). I just couldn’t imagine what life would be without anything social or life without any fun in it.
    From Hayley
    (It really would be awful for you not to follow your dreams or
    have anything that is fun I just couldn’t imagine that!)

  8. Dear Mrs Kane

    Living in Afghanistan would be hard… very hard, especially if your a girl. I would not like to swap places with Bibi and Jamal I would not even want to live there, its like being trapped in a cage and you can’t be free. Why did the they ban kites, TV and Music? Also why did girls have to cover them selves up when going out? I can’t imagine what it would have been like.
    would you like to live in Afghanistan?
    From Maddie

  9. Hi Mrs Kane,
    after watching that video, I so don’t want to go to Afghanistan and swap places with Jamal and Bibi. My “text to world” was that there was, like a war happening in the book with landmines and tanks and right now that is happening right there in Afghanistan. My “text to text” was that they do not allow music, kites, TV, that must be so boring for kids like us over there. Then I wonder, what did Jamal and Bibi do over the years to keep themselves entertained?
    Kind regards,

  10. After watching the btn segment I wondered how it would feel like being souronded by gun’s, soldiers and hard life. I feel sorry for the children and parents in Afghanastan for having to put up with civil war for months and even years! Now I realise why we are very lucky in Australia.

  11. Hi Mrs Kane,
    So far after reading Boy Overboard I have enjoyed it so much, and I am pretty keen on hearing more but everyone is always away so we haven’t read it in the past 3 Days. This book somehow relates to me in ways of text to self. Sometimes when mum is gone and she’s not home I get lonely because mum is always around me, this relates to the book when Jamal and Bibi are asking their dad WHERE IS MUM???. Also I have woken up in the car in an uncomfortable position when I was driving to go on holidays when Jamal Bibi and their dad are driving to the city in the morning from overnight. I can’t wait to read MORE!!
    From Grace

  12. Dear Mrs Kane,
    After watching the BTN segment I wonder how scary it would be being surrounded by bombs and guns. No I would not like to switch places with Jamal and Bibi because I would not be allowed outside without my parents and I would have to ware a burqa. One question I would like to find out about is how long has the Afghanistan war been going for?
    Kind regards Laura

  13. Dear Mrs Kane,
    First of all I would definitely not want to swap places with Jamel and Bibi. This is probably because I would not love to be surrounded by guns and soldiers all day long, and no T.V music or kites and a heap of other ridiculous rules. What would they do for entertainment and how would they live their lives. My text to world connections are that I have learnt a lot about wars and what goes on and for text to text I’ve read a lot about wars and what it was like.
    From Charlie .

  14. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I would not like to be these children because they are in a war situation and they are having to live without their Mum. Their father has had to leave them to look for her. This would be frightening and very difficult. The BTN segment helped me to understand that this situation is real for children all over the world. It is hard to understand what is the right thing to do. Girls aren’t allowed to go to school, just like Bibi is not allowed to play soccer in the story. All children should be able to have their own freedom and live safely. Many do not.
    Kind regards,

    • Cameron,
      your comment demonstrated that you have been listening carefully to Boy Overboard in class and that you have made many personal connection to the text…the characters and events.
      Well done!
      Mrs Kane

  15. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I would not like to trade places with Bibi and Jamal because it is not a free country and those Talibans sound very dangerous. Some “text to world” information I thought of was the war in Afghanistan must be absolutely horrifying but all too real and also that Afghanistan is really just desert. Some “text to text” information I thought of was in the video they talked how women had to wear a burqua and were not allowed to be educated at a school. They also said kite flying, music and TV are banned. One of the questions I have is where have the Taliban’s come from and why do they enforce such strict rules especially on women? Also why did they choose to invade Afghanistan instead any other countries?
    Regards Zara

    • Zara,
      you have raised some interesting questions. We will spend some time in class tomorrow researching some of these.
      Mrs Kane

  16. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I, out of the many students of 5A have watched the BTN segment. It was scary and miserable. I of course would never want to switch spots with Jamal and Bibi. I say this because Afghanistan is not a free country. I would be scared and cry maybe 99% of my life. another reason is the TALIBAN the most terrifying, evil aliens from outer space. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating it a bit too much. But they do sound pretty scary. Some questions I was able to make out were: Why are the Taliban helping the terrorists?= is it because they’re plain evil or do they have a plan of their own…
    Kind regards, Nathanael

  17. Dear Mrs Kane. 🙂
    I would never, never, ever like to swap places with Bibi or Jamal. Because who would want to live in Afghanistan when there is a war going on?! Year it would be pretty scary. Some text to word connections I have are…..There is a war in Afghanistan and in the book there is a war going on as well. The Taliban has strict rules and in the story the rules are also strict.

    Some questions I have are…….Why is the Taliban so strict and why can’t girls go to school.

    Kind Regards Bec

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