Understanding Time Zones…

This week we will be investigating time zones across the world.
It’s quite a complicated subject to understand.
What are they?  When were they introduced? Why are they necessary? How are they decided?

These two videos provide  some answers. What did you learn?

Untitled from caolkane on Vimeo. Untitled from caolkane on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Understanding Time Zones…

  1. Dear Mrs Kane
    After watching both of the video’s I found out that the the world is divided into 24 lines witch are 15o degrees apart witch is called meridian’s.
    From Oscar

  2. Dear Mrs Kane,
    There are 24 time zones in the world. They were introduced in the late 1800’s in Greenwich. Time zones are necessary because the earth orbits the sun and the moon. So when it is night time on one side of the world it is day time on the other.

  3. Dear 5A and Mrs Kane,
    I really enjoyed those videos; I found it very interesting that the earth has 24 different time zones. I also found out that the earth spins 360 degrees in one 24 hour period! On the first video I learnt a lot of new facts about time zone, one thing that I practically found very interesting is that the earth spins 360 degrees in one 24 hour period! I really enjoyed those 2 videos and can’t wait to learn more about time zone!
    Kind regards Jess

  4. Hi Mrs Kane,
    Last week when we worked on time zones it was a bit difficult to understand because I didn’t even know what time zones were!!!I know a little now about time zones but it is hard to explain especially when you are making a “definition”.
    Thanks so much Mrs Kane From Grace.

  5. Mrs Kane,
    A world time zone is measured in degrees. There are 24 different time zones and each one is equal to an hour because there are 24 different time zones in a day. Each one is represents 15 degrees. They are necessary so we can separate day from night and am from pm. The are also necessary so the time isn’t the same all around the world. Time zones start at Greenwich, England which is a very busy port and its important to know the time there. They were introduced in October 1884.
    Regards Zara.

  6. Hello Mrs Kane,

    I liked the task about time zones. I found out a lot of information in these videos. I learnt the world spins 360 degrees in a day. Also each time zone has 15 degrees of the world. 360 degrees divided by 24 degrees equals 15 degrees that is how I worked it out.

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