5A…welcome to the world of blogging

Last week we spent class time setting up our individual blogs.  The classroom was abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm. For one or two of you, there was also a little frustration as you had to ‘problem solve’ some initial login problems.

So yes…working with technology can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

This week we will be exploring this question… ‘How do I create a great blog post?’

I look forward to your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “5A…welcome to the world of blogging

  1. Hi my name is Noah and I’m in Mr Kane’s class. I’ve seen heaps of amazing things that you guys have posted on your blog. We also have a class blog.I just wanted to tell you what we have been doing in class lately. In integrated studies we have been learning about money so we have made our own small business’s. During lunchtimes, we have been selling heaps of different things such as pencil holder’s and signs. I hope that your energy houses are going great and have worked.

    • Hello Noah, thank you for your comment.
      I hope you earned a great deal of money from your business so that you can afford to but lots of ice creams, or anything else for that matter. Let me know when you make your first million…
      Mrs Kane

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