Are you ready…?

We are almost at the point where we will begin constructing our Passive Energy House.

Your team should have passed the ‘Mrs Kane and Miss Condon quiz’ about the elements of passive design. Once you have done this, you have received  your building permit!

By now you should have discussed this task with mum or dad. Soon you will meet as a team ( knee to knee and eye to eye), to decide which materials you need and whose responsibility it is to provide them. 

Remember…no materials, no building.

Oh and this web site might provide you with some food for thought.

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8 thoughts on “Are you ready…?

  1. Hello Mrs Kane, I’m Xanthe, from Mr Kane’s Class, we have been doing stuff with solar panels and other things like that. I made a light bulb work, a prepeller work and a buzzer work, and I accedently priked myself on one of the wires… it really hurt :(, luckly my finger doesn’t hurt any more, anyway, thank you for letting me comment on my blog :).
    From Xanthe xD

  2. Hello 5A,
    In Mr Kane’s class we have recently been working with power. Mr Kane supplied us with switches, solar panels, fans, alligator clips and more. We then got the chance to experiment with wires and batteries to see if we could get a fan to spin, a light bulb to glow, or a smaller propeller to spin. We could use batteries or panels as the source of power. Both worked succesfully and we all had a good time.

  3. Hello Mrs Kane, I’m Jiezhen from Mr Kane’s class. We have been doing things like: make a light bulb to work by conneting the wires with the solar pannel or batterie. And we have done the electric huse last year, this is really fun!

  4. Hi my name is Serena.
    I am in Mr Kanes class. We reasently did solar energy I really Like how we got to wire things up. We used solar pannals and batreys if the sun was’ent out. It was really fun.
    From Serena

  5. My name is Lucy. I’m in Mr. Kane’s class. We did something the same to that. Mr. Kane set out tubs of Solar panels, batteries, wires, fans, lightbulbs, buzzers and alligator clips. I had fun experementing diffrent energys. I learned a couple of things. I tryed putting a buzzer on to a battery, but it didn’t work. I then tryed the fan. i hooked it on to a solar panel and took it outside. It spun around really fast. I also worked out that if you swap the cords around, the spinner spins the other way!
    From Lucy 😀

  6. Hi 5A and Mrs Kane,
    My name is Tess.
    I am in Mr Kane’s class. Mr Kane has just pulled out a bunch of little toys that link in with solar power. I made a light bolb glow with my class mate Indigo.
    TESS 😉

  7. Hi 5A and Mrs kane
    My name is Indigo
    and I’m in Mr kane’s grade.
    Today Mr kane grabed some stuff from our science room like,solar panels,little fans, motors and light bolbs. So what we had to do was get two wires and conect the solar and the light bolb together and then put it in the sun to get heat and create light. So thats what we did today. I thought it was eally fun (maybe your class should do it one day).

    Indigo P.S Mr kanes the BEST !!!!

  8. Dear Mrs Kane
    I was just flicking through everyone’s blogs and I can see that some people have really thought about their blog, which and why their blog looks so good. I commented on Molly and Jesse’s blog about the passive energy house task. I hope everyone and their groups succeed in challenging and fun task.
    From Oscar

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