Exploring the world of student blogging

Talking blogging…this is an excellent student blogger site.  Visit the student blogs that are linked to the side bar on the right. Take time to explore them.

Then ask yourself….

 What impressed you? What would you like to learn to do?  What questions do you have?  

Oh… if you visit the ‘Getting started’ page, you might find answers to questions you have. Especially you Joseph!

I look forward to your comments.



14 thoughts on “Exploring the world of student blogging

  1. Hello it’s me Nathanael,
    I really liked the blog that the guy made because it had many things that I would want on MY blog. It taught me many things that I could do in my blog. What I really enjoyed looking at in his blog was the website called Make Belief Comix. It cool and awesome.(the word comix is supposed to be spelled this way for some strange reason).

  2. Hi Mrs Kane,

    I like the blog because it has many features and it tells you how to lots of things like how to make comics, add widgets, which include: Cyber pets, weather forecasters and Vokis. This blog is an amazing information machine, it tells you everything you almost need to know for your student blog. It is excellent, full stop.

    From, Tim

  3. Hi Mrs Kane
    one thing I found interesting on the blog we were told to look at were all the pages. I say this because an expert blogger would have he/her blog organised and they would be tagged posts if it were one of us.
    Another thing I found weird but cool was the who’s visiting map. it was different to our revolver map.
    Yours Sincerely Molly

  4. Hello Mrs Kane,
    I was very interested in the link that you put up to all of those blogs and one of them really caught my eye. It had very catchy headings and they looked really nice and the name of the blog was also very catchy and that was what made me look at it! I tried to make my own voki which was really fun but I didn’t log in so the voki couldn’t access to my blog. By the way I have figured out how to get a virtual pet which I would like to share because it is just adding a widget to your blog. EASY! thanks for listening from Grace.

  5. Dear Mrs Kane,

    Mrs Kane, you’re right! The getting started page really did help me with some questions I had! Things like how to change the title of your blog and tagline were really easy after reading it.

    A thing that impressed me was that most of the blogs that I looked at looked like they have only been blogging for a month and they already know how to put on complicated widgets. The top picture on Angus’ Blog was cool too. I wonder how you change that. I also liked the background and the layout of some of the blogs.

    I would like to learn a number of things including how to put a video on a post. I will also like to know how to put a hyperlink on a word. I would also like to know how to put the dates of your post in a different way. On Angus’ Blog I really liked this.

    I’ve also got a few questions including
    • If these are a student blog, how come some of them have things like music videos, lyrics to a song, and game reviews?
    • How do you change your background and are we allowed to?
    • Why did some of them put up so much personal information?


    • Joseph,
      thank you for your detailed comment. It shows that you took the time to explore the student blogs. I’m sure I can answer some of your questions and it sounds as if Angus can too.
      Keep in mind, you have to earn the right to change backgrounds and blog banners and add some widgets. Other widgets will be available for ‘free’.
      Mrs Kane

  6. Hello Mrs Kane,

    The how to create a Voki was the thing that interested me the most. I learnt how to make a Voki. The customization had a lot of variety. I had a look at the Clustr map.They have people from all over the world visiting the blog. Adding a widget to your blog is easy as they show you how to do it.

    I have a question, are we allowed to change our theme. Also if we are does it have to be a list of them you give us.

    From Angus

    • Hi Angus,
      it sounds as if you have a list of elements you would like to include on your blog.
      To answer one question…No, at this stage you will not be permitted to alter your blog theme. Remind me to explain why tomorrow.
      Mrs Kane

  7. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I really liked this persons blog layout. It made me feel like it wasn’t to cluttered and I wanted to start exploring right away. I also liked the quality of the posts. Even though there’s quite a bit of writing it the posts give you just the right amount of information. I would really like to learn how to put on a cluster map. Then I could keep track of who has visited my blog. I would also like to learn how to adopt a virtual pet. They look really cool and they are fun to play with.
    From Zara

  8. Hi everyone! Wow! All these blogs are beyond amazing!
    What really impressed me is that the blogs lay outs are clever. The lay out was clever because It was colourful and it had a interesting topic.
    I would like to know how to get hyperlinks and videos on my blog.
    And by the way I agree with Josephs Comment. Some blogs did reveal a bit too much personal information.

  9. Hello Class,
    I was having a browse at the other blogs that students have made. I really like the detail and effort that these people have put into there blog. One of the things that I learnt was that if we did get the right to change our back round I would have to keep in mind not to have a back round that is to bold and colorful other wise it distracts the reader from the text and posts that you have spent the most time working on.One of the elements that impressed me the most was how one of the bloggers included many photos that helped the readers visualize there story with out giving away there digital foot print.
    I really enjoyed looking at the web site called student blogging. It was great to learn all of the elements that you have to incorporate as a blogger.

  10. Hello Mrs Kane, I’m Xanthe from Mr Kane’s grade, yes I have been in Mr Kane’s grade 2 years in a row… Anyway, We did energy houses last year, but each group had to do 1 room, and then we made it into one huge house, I did the bathroom.

  11. To Mrs Kane
    everyone’s Blog look amazing way better then I had expected it to be.
    as I had been scanning over I had came across how to make a quilt y comment, I had through t about it and was unsure if it had been a wast of time but I had watched it and now I can improve on how to make a good comment. I had also took a look on how to make Blogs and It had given to much information on cyber safety about telling what school you had came from.

    From Maddie

    • Hello Maddie,
      you are to be congratulated on taking the time to explore our student blogs. I think that your blog will be a fantastic way of showcasing your learning.
      Mrs Kane

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