Choose your challenge…

Which is most challenging …building words or building a Passive Energy House?

In class we have been investigating the building blocks we use to construct our words. Unfortunately, with word building, there is no clear design brief.

We build words using a combination of base words, prefixes and suffixes…hmm…this can be very confusing.

Amy in Miss C’s class stumbled upon this resource. Great work Amy!

Spelling Rules for ed and ing Lesson 13

Did you learn anything?



5 thoughts on “Choose your challenge…

  1. Hello Mrs Kane, I’m Xanthe from Mr Kane’s grade, We did this last year, it was REALLY difficult, escpecaliy working out how to wire the lightbulb. Mr Kane said “It doesnt matter if they are both black wires”.
    But you do need a black wire, AND a red wire.

    • Hello Xanthe,
      you are correct when you talk about the black and red wire…there is no difference. It’s just a way for electricians to tell the difference between negative and positive electric charge. Very technical I know. Thank you for your comment. How has your business performed. How much profit did you make?
      Mrs Kane

  2. Hi Mrs Kane
    We have been working on our stalls which was really fun we have made lots of money all our grades have made over $2000 which is lots of money. I can not wait till the end of this year so we can use the money we made to deo something for the5|6s.
    From Amy

    • Hello Amy,
      Your Year 5/6 students are to be congratulated on your efforts. WOW…How much money did you raise? Fantastic!
      How did you decide on what you would sell and the costing for your items?

  3. Hi Mrs Kane
    It,s Amy and our group made $58.35 and that was a lot of money it was more than what i expected. Also we looked through a book to find the things we made and my mum found a thing that is called knitting magic so we just made scarfs with it.
    From Amy

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