House rules and the technology process…

Today the Passive Energy House project came to an end…5,4,3,2,1…zero.

The pressure in the classroom was palpable.

We spent a great deal of class time discussing the technology process.

I’d like to know …Which of these images best explains the process your team  followed? Click on each image to enlarge it.


12 thoughts on “House rules and the technology process…

  1. Hi Mrs Kane
    I think the second image represents my group the best. I say this because we didnt have gutters on all the walls and we improved by adding another gutter.

    • Thank you for your comment Molly.
      I remember the effort your team put into designing your water collection system. I will be interested in your team’s results.
      Mrs Kane

  2. Hi Guys,
    For me I think that the second image matches our group the best because of that one word IMAGINE our group imagined really well, before we would plan we would visualise what the idea would end up looking like in our head and then decide if we think the idea would work.
    Even at the building process when we were physically doing our plans we had to IMAGINE in our heads what the walls would end up looking like.
    Our group worked extremely hard on our house and I would say we used all of the steps that were shown in that picture.
    Thank you for reading my post. From Jessie.

    • Jess,
      I think you have brought to my attention the importance of having an imagination. When you think about the levels of thinking, it is a way of creating…or at least it often leads to creativity. Well done for pointing this out.
      Mrs Kane.

  3. Dear Mrs Kane,

    I think the 1st image is the best of the images that describes the way my group worked. I chose this one because we thought what we were going to build, built it, tested it, and did that again if it didn’t work out. We did exactly that. We did this a few times with our measurements, our solar panels and our gutters. My measurements were sometimes off by a few millimetres or even a centimetre. Tim also persisted with the solar panels. Bella and Amy used the engineering process lots with the gutters. I am very proud of my group and their work.


    • Joseph, you have provided an extremely perceptive reflection of your group’s performance. I remember thinking that, to start with, your group was not on the ‘same page’. However, as time ticked on, and when it counted, your group became more focussed and worked towards a common goal.
      Great comment Joseph!
      Mrs Kane

  4. Howdy Mrs Kane,

    Angus here and I think the technology process is very true. You research then plan then build then analyse. If the house fails you try again again and again. We had a tough time doing the passive energy house so I hope our house is successful

    From Angus

  5. To Mrs Kane and 5A,
    I am Emma from Mr Kane’s class in Gisborne Primary School. As our integrated topic we have been running our own ‘small businesses’. These involve creating advertising posters, buying and making stock and organising price lists. I was in a group with 4 of my friends and our stall was called Bargain Box. Over the 5 days we made a total of $69.30 selling to the preps, grade 1/2s, 3/4s and 5/6s. Altogether the 5/6s made $2,034.15 which is amazing! I would reccomend this project for New Gisborne Primary because it requires lots of thinking and is very exciting/fun!
    From Emma 🙂

  6. Hey, Today was our last day on the small businesses we made $2.70 we did really bad today but it was very fun. I bought three spinners, lots of bookmarks and some Slime for my sister. We made $76.20 I think your class/School Should do the same BYE

  7. Hi Mrs Kane, my name is Tom and I am in Mr Kane’s class. We have just finished our small business program. Small businesses is where we go into groups and make our own ‘small business’ My group was called Crafty Kings. We sold wooden pencil holders, bottle cap magnets, signs, hacky sacks and lots more! Out of all the 5/6’s our grand total was $2034.15. I have really enjoyed doing small businesses. From Tom

    • Hello Tom,
      I really enjoyed reading about the success of your business and the catchy name ‘Crafty Kings”. I also liked the sound of the products your ‘company’ had to offer.
      Well done Tom.
      Oh and …what Habits of Mind did you group use to assist with success?

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