About Me…

One of the pages on your blog will be titled About Me.

Here you will talk about you…your family, interests, your likes and dislikes and more.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? BUT…how do you share this information without giving away too many personal details about you? As you know, we have to keep in mind our digital footprint.

Below is a link that takes you to a web site that contains links to student blogs, that contain an about me page, that contains personal information. Hmmm…lots of contains. Am I trying to make a point?

Explore these. What ideas have you gathered for your page?

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27 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Hi Mrs Kane.
    I wanted to respond to your question. I think that when you tell people when your birthday is, I think that’s fine, but if you tell them what year you are born and where your were born I think that’s going to be releasing alot of info about yourself. I also think that if you tell people that you live in Gisborne, that’s also okay, but if you tell them what your address is and what your phone number is and your mum’s phone number people could track you down and hunt you.

    • Nathanael,
      I really appreciate your feedback about the student About Me pages. I agree with you…there is a fair amount of personal information being disclosed on these pages. You challenge is to work out how to make your page engage your audience without giving away too much information. What ideas do you have?
      Mrs Kane

  2. Hi Guys,
    I had a look to see some of the other blogs that had posted a comment witch was titled or subjected to………. About Me, I learnt that there were many comments that I think gave away a lot personal information, which made me aware of how easy it is to give away too much personal information. I was reading a couple of the poems and noticed that not all poems need to rhyme. Another thing that I learnt was that there are all different ways of formatting a comment, I notice was that there was one person who actually dot pointed his hobbies, name, age, favourite colour and etc.
    The point I believe that you were trying to make about ‘contains’ is that you think that making a comment on you is going to be a piece of cake, when really it is all of those little details that make up the comment, for example you have to tell the reader about you without giving too much away, you have to tell the reader about yourself without boring the reader, Comments are tricky that way, you have to give information about yourself without leaving your digital foot print. I think that’s the challenge of this project.
    Thanks for reading, From Jessie

    • Jess,
      Once again you have taken the time to do the research and then, think about what needed to be said. You are well on the way to developing a digital footprint you should be proud of!
      Well done.
      Mrs Kane

  3. Hi again,

    I was reading some of the blogs and i saw that a lot of them were giving away way to much personal information.

    I don’t think it’s ok to say your address or phone number but, I think it is ok to say what your favourite colour is, when your birthday is and what school you go too, but you need to say it in such a way, that you are not giving to much information again.

    I honestly think this ‘About Me’ page is going to be a challenge because there will be a lot of checking and rechecking before you can publish the page.

    Regards, Emma

    • Emma,
      I agree it will a challenge. However, I know when you put your mind to it, you will find a clever solution to the problem
      Mrs Kane

  4. Hi Everybody,
    Mrs Kane I am actually Happy that you told us to do this activity because I saw alot of widgets subjects and inspiration from these blogs and I know how to get those special fonts, tag clouds, weather widgets and a clock. All about me page will be filled with excitement and adveture by me and my journey through my life (but not giving away to much information). Thank you very much for setting this task because this will be a great thing for me Grace.

    • Grace, given your track record…or should I say the quality of your digital footprint so far, I am already looking forward to visiting your ‘About Me’ page.
      Mrs Kane

  5. Hi Mrs Kane,
    Some of those blogs look pretty cool with all those widgets, themes and vokis but I guess we’re talking about the about me pages. Some of the posts had just the right information(so they didn’t give much away) but some of the posts people put up had a little bit to much information about themselves like one had all the names of his family and two of his cousins names in his post. I think that can be quite dangerous because he also said roughly where he lives so someone could easily find him that has read his blog.
    On some of the posts they had images and on one of the blogs I saw someone had made a video about themselves instead of making a page. I thought that was quite clever.
    Well that’s all for now.
    From Zara.

  6. Hi Mrs Kane,
    on the blogs that I viewed, I suppose that they gave away way too much personal information about themselves.

    I don’t really think it is okay to put up where you live and your address because that might be dangerous. How ever, I do believe it is acceptable to gave away information on what school you come from, what are your favorite hobbies are (maybe not a lot of information on this one) what’s your favorite colour and all the most harmless information about yourself that you could think of.

    Now that I think about it, this “about me page” is going to be a lot harder than I thought, because you would have to keep editing your work and rechecking you information to make sure it was safe. The teacher now has got all of us thinking and rethinking again.

    From: Tim

  7. Hi Mrs Kane,
    there are a few things I found a bit interesting. On some blogs I found that they are giving to0 much away. On other blogs, I liked the way they set out and organised what goes into which paragraph. I noticed some people had dot points and paragraphs, this meant that there wasn’t too much text.

    • So Molly,
      It sounds as if you have an idea of what doesn’t work well. This proves that you have spent some time evaluating each of blogs you visited. This is valuable research.
      Well done Molly,
      Mrs Kane

  8. To Mrs Kane
    I was reading about the about me post and I had identified that some of the blogs had given a bit to much detail about them selves and were oblivious about they were saying, for example [not naming some one] someone had named their country and where they have came from but… But others were nearly perfect in other words they were mindful about what they were saying and lots of other things too

    From Maddie

    • Maddie,
      well done for evaluating the blogs you visited. This research will assist you with the decision making process…what do I want to include and what shouldn’t I talk about?
      Mrs Kane

  9. Dear Mrs Kane,

    An idea that I have gathered for my About Me page is that I could do a poem as well as a list of facts about myself. The teacher of 3/4/5H at Bogangar Primary School asked her students to do a poem. Another thing that one of the students has done is a slideshare. Another student did 25 facts about themselves. There are lots of different facts that you could include too such as: your family, your favourite subjects, things that you love, your favourite books and authors, your hobbies and interests, your favourite foods and sports you like to play.

    I believe the point you are trying to make about the “contains” is that it is very important not to put personal information about yourself on the internet because this will give the wrong people information. You can say things like your first name and your hobbies and interests. You just can’t say things like your last name, address and phone number.


  10. Hello Mrs Kane,

    Firstly I am very exited to do this task. When we were looking at the other blogs in school I noticed they were giving out to much personal information to the internet. So I don’t want too much information because people knowing where you live can be scary. Having to less information is bad so they don’t understand me.

    From Angus


  11. Hi Mrs. Kane. I am Lucy from Mr. Kane’s class. This term for our intergrated studies unit we are doing small busnisses. with the small businesses. Other students come in and buy our products. My group has made lots of products. Today we didn’t do very well. I guess there is still tomorrow. I am going to go home tonight and think about what I can do to improve my stall. I really hope that tomorrow and Friday will go well. Do you have any ideas on what we could do to improve our stall?
    From Lucy

    • Hello Lucy,
      Even though you haven’t made a great deal of money, I think you are probably learning a great deal about what it means to run a business. In real life, it can often take up to 5 years to make any profit. So, keeping this in mind, you probably aren’t doing as badly as you think.
      Any ideas? Hmm…let me think about this. Perhaps you could resort to spruiking…you know, those annoying people that stand outside a store and shout about the bargains to be had in the store. Then there is the buy two, get one free idea.
      Good luck with your stall. Let me know how you finish up!
      Mrs Kane

  12. Hi Mrs. Kane, It’s me again Lucy. Thankyou for your replies. My group went super well. We earned $11.20. This price was way better than any of the other days. I did do a bit of spruiking. I called out that everything in our stall was half price for 15 mins. When I said that, a few people rushed over to my stall. Someone bought 8 big loom bands!! Thankyou for all your ideas Mrs. Kane.
    From Lucy 😀 😀 😀

    • Well done Lucy,
      at this rate, you will be able to retire by age 20. Good on you for spruiking…it pays to have a loud voice.
      Perhaps you could should consider floating your company on the stock market. Ask Mr Kane about this. Let me know how you go tomorrow…Oh …you could always offer a small % discount…either that or keep on spruiuking.
      Mrs Kane.

  13. It’s me again….. Lucy. Thankyou Mrs. Kane. Today was okay. In total we made $5.00 and something cents. The week total for my group was $38.30. I was a little disappointed with the total when I heard it. At least we tried our best and did a good job. I also didn’t get to do any spruiking today because I was buying. There were not many things that I wanted. Anyway….. thankyou again. 😀 😀 😀
    From Lucy

  14. Hello Mrs Kane I’m Indigo from Mr Kane’s class.This week the 5/6’s had to make their own business shop for example, my business was Bargain Box. We sold lots of things like stress balls, hair clipps, and a raffle to win a prize. It was so fun and exciting.Maybe the 5/6’s at new gisborne primary school should try it.

    • Hi Indigo,
      This task would have had it’s challenges and it’s rewards. So, I’d like to know…what profit did your team make?
      What did you learn about running a business?
      Mrs Kane

      • Hi Mrs Kane thank you so much for replying . I learnt that you need to help customers pick there item and also cooperate with the customers

  15. Hi Mrs Kane
    Its Amy from Mr Kanes grade and i was just looking at your class blogs and i founda door and i clicked on the door and it took me somewere it was a really smart idea to do that and it was also fun. Also i was wondering if you went to the greece performence becouse i could not see you or your grade.

    • Hi Amy,
      I’m glad you enjoyed exploring the mysterious world of ‘the door’. How clever is this site?
      Where in the world would you like to travel and why? I’d really like to explore the catacombs of Paris.
      Mrs Kane.

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