Where in the world…?

Where in the world? That is the question that will be answered on Monday when we start the first leg of the NGPS Amazing Cyber Race.
Today you had the opportunity to travel to Echuca and practise some of the skills you will need for this inquiry.
Well done to Emma and Rebecca, Joseph and Angus and Jess and Georgia who finished in first, second and third place.
I’d like to know…

What was the most challenging part of this activity today and why?

What was something you learnt in relation to using websites?

How successful were you and your partner at working together?

On Monday your team heads off to a mystery location….GOOD LUCK!

And for another mystery… where will this door take you?

The Secret Door

The Secret Door is presented by Safestyle UK

27 thoughts on “Where in the world…?

  1. Hi Mrs Kane,

    The activity today was really fun and I am looking forward to the real race on Monday. I think the most challenging thing about this task was the searching up of the restaurants and their menus.

    One of the things that I learned about websites is that I had to use key search words. Looking up the prices for petroleum I put in this search word… “What Are The Unleaded Petrol Prices In Melbourne Today?’ and I realised it was a very long search word but I searched it anyway and didn’t find anything. Then you (Mrs Kane) told me to search up… ‘Melbourne Petrol Prices’ and then it hit me (not literally) but then I realised that I had to use key search words.

    Coming in first today felt really good for Bec and I and I think we worked really well together.

    Again, I am really excited about the real race.

    From Emma 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs Kane,

    I found that Angus and I had trouble with finding a café to have a light lunch in Echuca. This was because all of the cafés that we looked at didn’t provide their menus on the internet. Some didn’t even have websites.

    Something that I have learnt in relation to websites is that when you go on a particular website it usually has links on the top or down the side to lead you to different information/topics. The home page will probably give you a brief explanation of what the site is about but to find information on (for example) “accommodation” you would click the link that is labelled “accommodation”.

    I believe that Angus and I were very successful in this task. We shared the roles evenly and worked to our absolute best. Our efforts resulted in coming second place.


  3. Hi Mrs Kane!
    The most challenging thing in this activity was searching up restaurants and to make sure my partner and I had the same information on our word documents. Something I learnt about websites was that you need to type in specifically what you want and to use key words. I know that my partner and I did well because we worked together as a team, we kept on persisting and we ended up coming 1st!

    I also learnt that you work better when your not with your best friends.

  4. Hi Mrs Kane,

    I think the most challenging thing was finding websites for the food and petrol. There was a lot of websites that didn’t have prices or the menu.

    With the websites I didn’t really learn anything. I just found a few websites that gave you a few places for things.

    I think Joseph and I worked well as a team, because we are good friends and communicate well. Both of us are good at mathematics which helps the adding up of prices and working out the time.

    From Angus

  5. Hi Mrs Kane

    The most challedging part of the task would have been to find place to get petrol

    I had learnt witch petrol petrel station was the easist to use

    From annilysing how successful we were I would rate us 7 out of 10 because some of us were slacking of at times and had mucked around

    From Maddie

  6. Hello Mrs Kane and all my fellow class mates,
    Molly and I found this challenge so much fun but there was a lot of hard work with it. The problem’s we had was working out the petrol and finding out times for mini golf,maze and Murray river cruise. I can’t wait to start the real deal I hope we will succeed.

  7. Hello Guys,
    I class we had a challenge to go to Echuca, we had to do every thing we would normally do in a trip except we didn’t actually do it physically.
    The challenging Part of the task that I thought My partner Georgia and I experienced was that when we would type in what we wanted to search, we forgot to type in some main key words, and when we tried the same search expect a bit more specific we got what we wanted.
    Using the websites the thing I learnt was that when we were in a website and got onto the home page, my partner and I realized that the home page was basically just advertising the product, so we started having a look at the tabs up the top and it listed things like, (MENU, PRICES and etc.
    I thought that my group and I worked really well as a team because we would communicate and split rolls to get the job done quicker. Some times if i struggled to so some thing Georgia would swap computers so that she can do what i struggled with. This great team work got us in a place with seconds left except we got a place 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Mrs Kane.
    I would like to say that the most tiring and dreadful activity was to find petrol.
    I also learned that if you want a good website you have to have good KEYWORDS.
    I think me and my partner good but had a few stuff ups.
    From Nathanael

  9. Hi Mrs Kane,
    the most challenging part of the practice leg, was to get 70 liters of unleaded petrol because we couldn’t find the right website with the price on it. One thing that I learnt in relation to using websites is to find a good website that you can rely on to receive information from. We were pretty successful, accept that I kind of left Jack behind in the dust of me, so that was the obvious problem for me.
    from: Tim

  10. Hi Mrs Kane,

    The most challenging thing was finding out the petrol and other things with a price. I think we needed to use more helpful search words. I learnt that you need to both have really good search words to succeed with finding out information. I also think we were really successful because we both had different things to do, so we got the work done faster and always work well as a team.
    From Georgia

  11. Hi Mrs. Kane. It’s Lucy from GPS. I just wanted to tell you that…… The door picture you put on your blog……. I think it looks awesome! I love how there is mist nad fog coming out of the door. It’s like the door on the front cover of the book ‘The secret garden.’ I also really like the Ivy wrapping around the door, and the lion head knoker. 🙂 🙂
    From Lucy. 🙂
    P.S: I just had to tell you how cool that door looks! Did you get it off the internet? If you did, what did you type in to get it?

  12. Hi Mrs Kane,
    The Secret Door is ARSOME it is really cool and by the why there must be somthing wrong with Hayleys blog can you please tell her that I will see her soon
    Thanks From Serena 🙂

    • Hello Serena,
      Thank you for visiting my class blog.
      so tell me… where in the world have you been and …where would you like to go and why?
      Mrs Kane

  13. Hi Mrs. Kane. Lucy again. I love this door so much! It’s awesome! I love all the places in the door. I achully saw a ghost in one of the pictures!! It was see through! I told Mr. Kane, but he said that It was just a person…..But still…. It was spooky!
    From Lucy 😀

    • Hello Lucy, Mr Kane has told me how much you enjoy blogging. Thank you for your comment.
      If you could travel anywhere…even back in time, where would you like spend the time exploring.
      I’d like to hop into a time machine and travel back to 1850 London (during the industrial revolution)…oh, and I’d like to be wealthy.
      I look forward to your reply.
      Mrs Kane

  14. Hi Mrs Kane,
    It’s Emma from Mr Kane’s class 5/6B.
    Our whole class has just been exploring through the magic and secret door. It is AMAZING!! There are so many worlds and it heaps of fun to explore. I think it’s a great idea to put something like this on your blog, and it is very entertaining!
    From Emma 🙂

  15. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I went through it and I went to a place full of cats, AND IT WAS IN TOKYO!!

  16. Hi Mrs Kane,
    It’s Abbi from Mr Kane’s class. I loved your door as it was very interesting and took me to lots of places I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t look at it! Lots of places were pretty and cool to search in. I think it was a great idea and that it was good how you could go to alot of places with just a single click! I hope you post more things similiar to this!
    From Abbi 🙂

  17. Hi Mrs Kane
    I think you are doing a great job with the amazing cyber race. I was just wondering what type of challenges you have set for the kids. Anyway It sounds like the kids are having FUN:):):) Indigo

  18. Hello mrs kane,
    I`m Hamish from Mr Kane’s class.
    I like your idea of the secret door, in fact I looked at every single picture there is about a million of them.
    From Hamish

    • Hi Hamish, thank you for your comment…good on you for taking the time to explore.
      Where would you like to go if you had the money to travel anywhere in the world?
      Mrs Kane

  19. This is a good little door game. It was a good adventure. My FAV:) Place was Disney-land. hope you have fun with this little game. lots of places to explore.

  20. Hi Mrs Kane I really enjoyed venturing through the secret door In the many different places.
    Such as under the sea , beaches , swimming pools ,stores Ext.

  21. Hi Mrs Kane I’m Sam I really like the secret door it has the best photos I’ve seen from Sam in Mr Kane’s class .

    • Thank you for your comment.
      I’m glad you enjoyed exploring this site.
      So…I’d like to know, if you could choose any country in the world to visit, what would it be and what would be your reasons?
      Let me know.
      Mrs Kane

  22. Hi Mr Gibson
    It’s me Libby, thanks for coming in on monday. I read some more of “the call of the wild”. I’m up to the part where Buck has met John Thornton and earnt him sixteen hundred dollas in five minutes by breaking out and pulling 1,000 pounds for 100 meters. I think that it is a good book and I look forward to reading more.

  23. To Mrs Kane
    Sorry about that message! It was meant for Mr Gibson, I thought I was on the Mr Gibsons blog. I hope you understand.
    From Libby

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