Food Glorious Food…

Sydney Leg Team Challenge

Food Glorious Food


For this challenge you need do the following preparation:

  • access the video in the ‘To Collect’ folder. This will provide you with the tune you need to learn. You will need to listen to this video a number of times
  • collect the word doc with the lyrics that match the video clip.

You will need to use both of these resources to assist you with your team rehearsal.

Remember…the group that records the most entertaining rendition of this song wins a tour voucher that can be ‘cashed in’ during any of the remaining Amazing Race legs.

I’m guessing that this might be the most challenging aspect of the competition so far.

I’d like you to EXPLAIN how your team PREPARED for this CHALLENGE.


3 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food…

  1. Hi Mrs. Kane. It’s me, Lucy, from Mr. Kanes class. GPS is also going to the Grease peformance. I am really looking forward to it. I have seen the show on T.V, but I haven’t ever gone to a peformace of it. I look forward to seeing you and everyone in your class. 🙂 🙂
    From Lucy 😀

  2. Hi Mrs Kane! Those activities sound really fun! Does your class find the activities challenging?
    From Charlie (from Mr.Kanes class) 🙂

    • Hi Charlie, my classroom you can sense the excitement and frustration. The students need to work closely and efficiently as a group to ensure success. It’s lots of fun though. Thank you for asking. Mrs Kane.

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