Where oh where…?

As our London leg of the Cyber Race draws to a close, the question on almost everyone’s lips is ‘Where to next?’.

Well, as you know, I can’t give too much away. It may give some of you an unfair advantage.
However, because I’m such a caring teacher, I can’t resist giving you a helping hand.
Hint#1…It will be handy if you could become fluent in a language other than English. If not, a language translator will come in very handy.

Hint#2… If you can learn where this image can be found, it might steer you in the right direction. Or am I being cruel and throwing you off the scent?

Where can you find me?

Where can you find me?

7 thoughts on “Where oh where…?

  1. Hi Mrs Kane,
    Reading these hints and looking at the picture, it confused me, but when I did some research… I think I was quite clever because I looked up different countries (popular ones) and their famous buildings and firstly I looked up Scotland… I looked through the list of images and couldn’t find a match to the one in the post, so I looked up Austria, no matches, so finally I looked up France and, aha I found a match!
    I think the building is called the Conciergerie. Because of this I firmly think that the next place we are going to is France.
    Kind regards, Emma

      • Hello Emma, great detective work. I’m sure you would be able to find a website to help you with the .way you would pronounce this word. More importantly. What do you know about this building? Keep snooping.
        Mrs Kane

  2. Hi Mrs Kane,
    In the amazing cyber race I found where we are going next. I am really excited to start the next leg of the race. From Grace :).

  3. No idea…

    Any way mrs Kane mrs Kane mrs Kane!!! This is pretty strange but today I had walked home the reserve way with Charli and she had recived a note from some one from her YouTube account but when I was walking home i saw mum in the car [ she looked pretty mad if u ask me ] I walked and sat in the front seat mum had still been glaring at her face was strange then she had spoken and said : new chicks have hatched we are getting 5 today I screamed yelling out yay charli was out side on her ripstick i ran and told her the news she did not seem as happy for some reason… So we went alkies FYI mums freind she has tons off chickens she showd me them there were 6 I was ament to have 5 but I got 6 either way more the Marier we had went home and had to hurry befor the chicks froze to death the first light bulb had Brocken and chicks would of died I was about to cry but then we had another light bulb and mum wants them in the house tonight I have chosen a favourite it was a double Yorker and was like an hour old so it could not walk its twin died I was busy at the time I feel dissopointed in me i could of done better but I didn’t i will tell u tommorw about it

    From Maddie

  4. Hi Mrs Kane,
    My dad told me about the picture and what it was. One question are we going to have to go there because I don’t want to go to jail? One more reason I don’t like prison food.
    From Callum

    • Hello Callum,
      I think that your dad has put you on the right track…do you have the ‘working in a team’ smarts to use this knowledge to your advantage.
      I’m thinking you wont need to go to jail…doesn’t that only happen in Monopoly? Bon chance!
      Mrs Kane

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