I have a dream…

“I have a dream”…a quote from an infamous speech given by  an American  man called Martin Luther King in 1963, about the rights of black Americans.

Jessica Watson is an Australian  had a dream of her own.

Visit the link below and answer these questions…

What risks did Jessica take to achieve her dream? 

What inspired you the most about her story?





Oh…and an additional task if you want ‘to go the extra yards’…What did you think of Martin Luther King’s dream?


15 thoughts on “I have a dream…

  1. Hi Mrs Kane,
    One of the risks Jessica took was sailing around the world in a small ship by herself without any one nearby. I would probably freak out because there wouldn’t be any help close by in some areas and if something bad happened to me I might not be well equipped or have the right skills( I wouldn’t sail anyway because I get seasick.)
    What inspired me most about her story is even though everyone criticised her she still held her head high and believed in herself. That is truly amazing because she was still quite young.
    I think Martin Luther King’s dream was really fair and reasonable. By the way my dad told me today 51 years ago he made his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech. All he wanted was to have a free nation were everyone could be free no matter what their differences were.
    From Zara

  2. Dear Mrs Kane,
    It’s me Nathanael!

    Well I wanted to answer the questions ( in my opinion). well first of all the thing that inspired me was that Jess had to go through a lot just to fulfill her dream. She even had to do a great deal of training just to voyage the seas by herself. It really does have a whole lot of sacrifices.

    I guess the thing that really got through to me was that if you want achieve something you must have sacrifices.

    Alright let’s do the extras!
    Actually, sorry I just wanted to say that dad wants me to go to bed. Maybe I could do the extras next time?

    By: Nathanael

  3. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I think the risks Jessica took where enormous. She could have easily been killed or lost at sea. She was inspiring because of her age and that she was all by herself for such a long time. My first impressions of Jessica are that she must have been extremely brave to sail around the world all by herself and unassisted.
    From Georgia

  4. Hi Guys,
    I really think that Jessica Watson is a passionate and hard working person, that when she wants to achieve something she will try 100% to achieve it. From what I read of Jessica she sound like she went through some extremely though times, like when her boat collided with another. To be able to sail around the world I think Jessica would have to be using allot the habits of mind.
    And now to answer your first question which was: What risks did Jessica take to achieve her dream?
    The answer that I would say is that, one of the sacrifices that Jessica would of had to make is that she would have to be away from her family and friends, and the fact that she is still so young and travelling around the world not by car, not by plane, not by public transport but buy a sailing boat.
    The most inspiration that I got out of her journey was how dedicated and willing she was to achieve a DREAM. I think Jessica is a very inspiring person with allot of capability.
    Martin Luther King. well…..he sounds like an amazing man I searched about him and I put what I thought was relating to Jessica in how she gave young people a voice and that is what Martin Luther King did, he gave people who in those days where consider as different, he gave them a voice and stopped the negativity that was created around them.
    That is my summery of Jessica Watson and Martin Luther King.
    Thank you, from Jessie-rose!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I read through Jessica’s blog. Jessica took some amazing risks on her journey. She left her family and friends behind with minimal food and faced dangerous seas and weather conditions. The thing I found most inspiring about her story was her courage and bravery to face this journey alone, without all the things a young girl enjoys. Such as friends, a home, TV, good food and physical contact with her loved ones.
    from Molly

    • Yes Molly, I agree.
      What a huge risk! Add to that the fact that she had to leave behind her family and friends, and her ‘lifestyle, all of which are usually very important to a teenager.
      Mrs Kane.

  6. Hi Mrs Kane
    After reading the segment about The Mini Fast net, Turning 18 and World Food Programme Youth Ambassador, I couldn’t believe she took some of the most dangerous risks jurying her journey. To achieve her dream she would of had to gone through tough conditions like Storms and making sure she has enough food and water. The thing that mostly inspired me was the fact that she left her family and friends behind to follow her dream. Another thing that inspired me was that she travelled around the world by herself and her yot.
    From Oscar

  7. Hi Mrs Kane and My fellow class mates,
    When you believe you can achieve much more, and if you think happy thoughts good things will happen. It came to me that Jessica was basically risking her whole life by achieving this dream. It is so simple the words “her whole life”. The thing that I thought she was risking was that her boat could of capsized (sunk) which is a very dangerous part of sailing, but on the bright side she was fine and she made it. The thing that inspires me the most about Jessica and not only Jessica is that she went out there and she believed in herself and that was one of the things that made her through the journey. Thanks for listening and I hope Jessica can help you follow your dreams too.

  8. To Mrs Kane

    Jessica Watson would of had to give it her all she had never stopped, she also has a qouate it is

    “You are only as big as the dreams you dare to live.”

    1st question is what risk did she had to take
    she could of died going through all the hard obstacles she was forced to take. also despising all the people who doubted her in lots of negatives and positive ways. and even loosing her relationships with others.

    From Maddie
    2nd part next comment

  9. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I read Jessica Watson s blog. It told me a lot of things, though, I didn’t have time to read all of it. To answer the first question: I think that the risks she took were that she could have died and that she wouldn’t be able to see her family very often anymore. Also the thing that inspired me the most was that she had the heart and the will to sail all around the world. It came as a thought to her head and it became a reality. That really inspired me. Though, I wouldn’t sail around the world anyway.
    See ya! Tim.

  10. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I think the risks Jessica Watson took were running out of food, not knowing how to drive the yacht, getting lost, turning up side down, running aground, getting sick with no help, running into another ship and getting sea sick.
    I think it is inspiring that she was so young and smiled even when it was tough.
    From Cameron

  11. Hi Mrs Kane,
    From reading through Jessicas blog I know that it must take a lot of courage to do what she did, she left her family behind, had minimal food and it must of been awful colliding with another boat. She took a lot of risks to travel the world the way she did. Especially considering that she was only 16! She sounds like the type of person who never gives up and always tries her best. I think she must have not only missed her family but enjoyed this life changing experience. The thing that inspired me the most about her story was that she never, ever, EVER! gave up and for someone to travel around the world at the age of 16 by themselves made me think that I can do anything I want to do and nothing can stop me!
    From Hailee

  12. Hi Mrs Kane,
    It must take some courage to go on such a big journey. To leave everything behind: family, friends, good food and a warm bed (because there is nothing like your warm bed). She had to face major temperatures from high to low: 35 degrees and -35 degrees are some of the major temperature’s Jessica had to face. It must be a lot harder to sail around the world than driving around the world. The part that inspired me is: That she had the courage to even start the journey around the world. Even though she was only 16 and she had to leave all her family and friends behind. I also thought it was amazing that she always kept going. I think that Martin Luther King’s dream is about joining together and excepting each other even though there are differences.


  13. Dear Mrs Kane,
    I have read Jessica’s blog and I have learnt that Jessica has taken some really incredible risks. She left her family with hardly any food to reach her dream. On the way to her dreams she faced incredibly dangerous seas and horrible weather conditions. The thing that I thought that was the most inspiring was that she faced the journey alone and leaving her family without her, her friends and all of the things that she loves. If I wanted to do that I would defiantly not want to do alone.
    Thanks, Hayley

  14. Hello everyone I read the two questions that Mrs Kane posted about Jessica Watson. I think she risked going by herself estimating that she has the right supplies. I was inspired by her true grit and determination to achieve her dream.

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