Solar Boat Year 5 teams…dare to win…

Year 5,

I was going to share with you a video. A video that showed how  a Year 5 team defied  all odds in 2011. Not only were they Grade 5 students…they were an all girl team.

However…my message is the same…’Game On’ Year 6…the Year fives are  playing to win.

Knowing what you have learnt about ‘working in a team skills’,what behaviours will your team be focussing on?

Just for laughs…maybe not

Last week we began work on our  I AM poems.

For some of you, getting started proved to be difficult. We discussed what it means to ‘work tough’ and that creating is one of the hardest types of thinking we can be asked to do at school.  ( According to our Blooms chart that is. )  Tim, you found  a website that automatically, or at the very least, with little thought needed, creates poems for you. But that’s cheating isn’t it?

We proved that persistence pays off and many of you are well on the way to publishing your poem. I’d like to know how you felt you achieved on this task?

Now, just for fun, you may like to explore this website.

giggle poem




Well done…

Well done to all of you that have spent time this weekend following up on the student blogging challenge.

I have visited all of your blogs this weekend and left some comments.

This week you will be asked to gather evidence to help you make judgements about your blogging progress. We will revisit the blogging rubric we developed as a class quite some time ago.





Simple fractions…

Simple fractions…hmm. Many of you will agree that the words simple and fractions should not be used in the same sentence.

Working with fractions is usually quite tricky.

Today I learnt that many of you need extra support with simplifying ( reducing ) fractions. This video shows the ‘how to’ of simplifying fractions. As I mentioned today, you will need to do two things…stop/ start the video a number of times and watch the video more than once. It would be  even better if you could watch it with mum or dad (if they have the time).


Oh and let me know whether this video has been helpful to you and why or why not.


How to simplify fractions video

How to simplify fractions video

Where to next?

I promised I’d leave you some clues so read on…

Take a close look at this text. I heard you love those small, oval shaped tomatoes. I  hope you’re not left with that sinking feeling…remember hope springs eternal. Oh, no, we really aren’t that close to Rosebud.

Good luck!

I have a dream…

“I have a dream”…a quote from an infamous speech given by  an American  man called Martin Luther King in 1963, about the rights of black Americans.

Jessica Watson is an Australian  had a dream of her own.

Visit the link below and answer these questions…

What risks did Jessica take to achieve her dream? 

What inspired you the most about her story?





Oh…and an additional task if you want ‘to go the extra yards’…What did you think of Martin Luther King’s dream?