Yes, I know it’s August but…

“When given a  choice between being right and being kind, chose kind.” This is a direct quote from Wonder by R.J. Palacio… the ‘September Precept’. You might like to share with your parents,what meaning this has for you.

This afternoon we viewed a short video clip…Danny Kaye singing

“The Ugly Duckling”. (And no…this time he wasn’t playing the role of a court jester.)

I’d like to know what hidden  message you received from this short clip? What connections can you make between this and our class novel Wonder?

Plastic isn’t always fantastic…

Do you know where your plastic bag goes after you throw it away?

Do you know what happens to your plastic drink bottle when you’re finished with it?




At school for the month of July (and a little bit of August too!) are participating in Plastic Free July.  Across the next few weeks, our grade will be participating in some plastic awareness activities.


The aim of Plastic Free July is to limit our use of single use plastics, like plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic straws and plastic bottles. At school we are hoping to have a ‘nude food’ lunch day where we don’t have any single use plastic at all in our lunch boxes for a day.

Your family can take up the challenge if they like- you can try being plastic free for a week, a month or even a whole year.
This is the official Plastic Free July website:
The website has lots of great ideas for how you can reduce the amount of plastic in your day to day lives.

Our Aussie Poems…

 Our class blog tagline is ‘for communicating, presenting, sharing and reflecting’. Often we also need to acknowledge and celebrate the effort you have applied to a task so …awesome effort 5/6 B!

Double click on the image below to view the students’ poems.


My Australia...poems

Hard yakka…

Today I read the picture story book “The Flying Emu” by Bruce Whatley.

There’s always a catch… yes, you had to write . 

I told you  that writing is one of the most challenging tasks you will attempt this year .

Writing is creating. It is ‘hard yakka’ !

What was the most challenging paragraph for you to compose and why?

What did you learn about writing for an audience?

 Would you like to share a part of your writing that you are particularly proud of ? Please do!


Welcome to 5/6 B



Welcome to Grade 5/6 B.

Hopefully you have had a fantastic break and that you are as eager as I am to begin the  2013 school year as a member of 5/6B.

Don’t forget to bring your welcome letter with you on Wednesday.  ( Don’t expect me to fall for some lame excuse …the dog buried it somewhere in the back yard…my little brother put it in the dishwasher  or  dad thought it was rubbish and threw it out.) 

By now should have shared this with mum and dad and had it signed. For one or two of you who were away and didn’t receive the letter, I have placed a copy on the sidebar of this blog.

See you in two sleeps!



Farewell Year 6 2012

I want to take the opportunity to wish Year 6B students all the best for 2013.
I hope that you leave New Gisborne with fond memories and take into your future the lessons you have learnt along the way.
I would like share with the rest of the school community, the lyrics of the song that  Year 6 students composed and performed at the final assembly.

Once again…All the best in 2013!
Year six song

The results are in…

Congratulations to our winning team!

There is a very old fashioned saying…”If you can’t stand the heat, say out of the kitchen.”

What heat did your team face?   That is… what problems did your team have to overcome and how did you solve them?