Yes, I know it’s August but…

“When given a  choice between being right and being kind, chose kind.” This is a direct quote from Wonder by R.J. Palacio… the ‘September Precept’. You might like to share with your parents,what meaning this has for you.

This afternoon we viewed a short video clip…Danny Kaye singing

“The Ugly Duckling”. (And no…this time he wasn’t playing the role of a court jester.)

I’d like to know what hidden  message you received from this short clip? What connections can you make between this and our class novel Wonder?

Our Aussie Poems…

 Our class blog tagline is ‘for communicating, presenting, sharing and reflecting’. Often we also need to acknowledge and celebrate the effort you have applied to a task so …awesome effort 5/6 B!

Double click on the image below to view the students’ poems.


My Australia...poems

Hard yakka…

Today I read the picture story book “The Flying Emu” by Bruce Whatley.

There’s always a catch… yes, you had to write . 

I told you  that writing is one of the most challenging tasks you will attempt this year .

Writing is creating. It is ‘hard yakka’ !

What was the most challenging paragraph for you to compose and why?

What did you learn about writing for an audience?

 Would you like to share a part of your writing that you are particularly proud of ? Please do!


Inside a Dog…

Do you have difficulty finding novels that interest you?  Would you like to compose your own book review and publish it?

‘Inside a Dog’ is a website that allows you to search an ‘online library’. You can search by genre, title or author. You can read reviews written by students like yourself.  And best of all…if mum or dad allow you to register, you can compose and publish your own book review. 



Free Rice…try this.

I thought I might daw your attention to a site that is worth visiting. It is fun and educational. You can improve your word knowledge or practise your tables.  Your participation assists the World Food program.  Give it a go!

This website is listed under ‘site seeing’  on the blog side-bar OR just click on the image below.

What do you think?

Gallipoli…a soldier’s tale

                                                                                        The Rising Sun

Put yourself in the place of a soldier on the Gallipoli Peninsula. That is what this task is asking of you.

Who are you? What battalion do you belong to? Who are you writing to you? What experiences have you had?

   I would love you to tell me. 


Another question… Can you give a name to the image above?