Gold Diary…quality vs quantity

As a class we have spoken many times about the ‘craft of writing’.
Powerful writing creates a strong image and stirs emotions in the mind of the reader.

In this, your second Gold Diary entry, you must do just that.
Can you put into words what it must have been like for many who travelled to Australia in search of fortune, in search of a better life?

Those that left their home and families behind knowing that there was little hope of returning to their loved ones.

Can you capture that moment?
Can you?

How Clever Is This Script?

Speaking of the dying art of script writing, Abbott and Costello, a comedy duo straight out of the 1940’s ,  say it all. Can you  work out who is on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the other fielding positions? Listen carefully, oh..and laugh if you wish. Let me know when you have worked it out. You may be rewarded.

  This is a ‘You Tube’ video and as such can only be viewed at home.

For your information: This  very clever comedy routine  is featured in the USA’s Baseball Hall of Fame.


Golden Oldies

As a way of recognising the success of the Student Learning Portfolio Presentations and celebrating a gratifyting semester’s work, Mr Rogers and I decided to reward the students with a special treat.

 I’m guessing the movie “The Court Jester” was not on their ‘must see list’. After all, how could a movie filmed in 1955, staring a cast of unknown actors and with no ‘wiz-bang’ special effects to speak of, capture their attention any longer than an ant’s heart beat?

How? …the dying art of clever script writing.  

What did the harshest critics think? Visit the student blogposts titled The Court Jester.

Social Networking Sites…Whose Responsibility?

There is no doubt that the average 12 year old has definite opinions on many topics and is more than capable of arguing the point when it counts. Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboards to communicate an opinion challenges the most capable of students.

This week we have viewed the Behind the News segement dedicated to discussing social networking sites and related issues such as user safety and privacy.  Below are some examples of the student’s written responses to the question “Social Networking Sites-Whose Responsibility?”

 Thankyou to Jordan and Jordan, Kate, Sam, Aimee and Jared for sharing their opinions.

Jordan PJordan G


kate     JC

 Aimee's Facebook - Microsoft Word_2010-06-11_20-25-49Sam's Social Networking - Microsoft Word_2010-06-11_20-41-47