Plastic isn’t always fantastic…

Do you know where your plastic bag goes after you throw it away?

Do you know what happens to your plastic drink bottle when you’re finished with it?




At school for the month of July (and a little bit of August too!) are participating in Plastic Free July.  Across the next few weeks, our grade will be participating in some plastic awareness activities.


The aim of Plastic Free July is to limit our use of single use plastics, like plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic straws and plastic bottles. At school we are hoping to have a ‘nude food’ lunch day where we don’t have any single use plastic at all in our lunch boxes for a day.

Your family can take up the challenge if they like- you can try being plastic free for a week, a month or even a whole year.
This is the official Plastic Free July website:
The website has lots of great ideas for how you can reduce the amount of plastic in your day to day lives.

You ought to be congratulated!

At Sovereign Hill School we learnt the meaning of many proverbs.

Spare the rod spoil the child.

Manners maketh the man.

Children should be seen but not heard.

To my knowledge there is  no proverb that means ‘you should be congratulated for your exemplary behaviour’.

However, that was the message that was conveyed by a  number of staff at both  Sovereign Hill and the Big Four Wecome Stranger caravan park.

So…You ought to be congratulated.

Well done Year 6!

Camp questions answered

Answers to the emails I have received over the past week…

  • yes…you need to be at school at 7:15 AM on Monday
  • yes… you need to wear school uniform on Day 1 and Day 3 of camp
  • girls…no you do not have to wear your hair in plaits on Day 1 of camp however some girls decide that it is easier to do that so that they don’t have to worry about doing their hair on Day 2
  •  Wednesday is the best day for parents to visit you on camp
  • no….you do not need to bring your gold diary or gold wallets to camp.


School’s out for rest of term

We have just been notified that there will be no school for students for the rest of this term.

Our camp preparation has been cut short so…

  • Please bring your medical forms with you on the morning of camp. We will collect them then.
  • You will not have to worry about writing and rehearsing your Eureka debate script.
  • I will let you know about arrangements regarding photo order forms  so ….watch this space.

Leave a comment if you have any further questions.

In the meantime enjoy your holiday!

Prep buddy tabloid sports afternoon..Congratulations Year 6!

Never work with children or animals…apparently sound advice for some.
But look what happens when children work with children…especially when Year 6 students work with their Prep buddies.

What did you learn from this experience Grade 6?  Did you enjoy the afternoon’s activity?

When Footballers Came To Visit

When three rookie footballers from the Essendon AFL team came to visit they were greeted by a sea of curious faces.
The students were asked to pose questions around the concepts of persistence, organisation, self-sacrifice, peer group pressure and discipline.
Some children were most surprised to learn that there is more to being a league football player than playing football.

What was the one thing  you learnt that impressed you or surprised you?