House rules and the technology process…

Today the Passive Energy House project came to an end…5,4,3,2,1…zero.

The pressure in the classroom was palpable.

We spent a great deal of class time discussing the technology process.

I’d like to know …Which of these images best explains the process your team  followed? Click on each image to enlarge it.


How many people does it take to turn on a light globe?

So how does electricity find its way to our homes so that we can turn on a light…?

Many of you were able to talk about this be using words such as power station, power poles and power lines.

So…how does electricity make its way from this mysterious building called a power station to our homes?

Let me know what you have learnt?

Below are some links that will assist you to explore this and many other questions you will may have.



Renewable Energy…a comment on the comments

Thank you to the students that have taken the time to respond to recent posts. One comment in particular has promted me to post this .

I have copied the comment below from a reply to a request from Zoe and Mercedes. Well done girls for ‘digging deeper’ with your questioning.

Zoe and Mercedes,

I am posing a couple of questions, but as you know when I am posing a question to a few, I am asking the question of all students.

So here they are:

 Questions #1and #2

Did you answer the third question about nuclear power plants?

 If so, did you carry out any research before you gave me your answer or did you just take a 50/50 shot at getting it right?


Question #3

This is a mathematical question. Look at the results of each of the polls. Can you explain why  the % of Yes/No answers to the second question is more equal?

 I look forward  to all of your responses.

Renewable Energy…your opinion

Having an opinion is something that is encouraged in our classroom: being able to express your ideas and challenge those of others.

This week we have used a variety of information sources to inform our attitudes toward the question “Renewable Energy or Fossil Fuels?”

Another resourcejust added )   Pros and cons of energy sources.

Below I have created a number of simple polls. All of them pose skinny questions.

Complete each of the polls and leave a comment telling me which of the polls was the most difficult to respond to and why. You may also choose to respond to the comments of others.