So you think you can skip…

So you think you can skip! So did I… that is until last Tuesday when Hesket Primary School’s skipping team came to visit.

The fifteen students amazed us with their skill. It’s no wonder that Hesket Primary has won ten out of twelve state championships.

Want to see more? Visit  Ms Hunichens and Mrs Hollands‘ and Miss Wencel’s class blogs to view You Tube videos. Check to make sure that it is OK with mum or dad before you do.

Let them know what you think.

So…do you really think you can skip?

Photo Story …what are the possibilities?


Photo Story

Photo Story



Just a reminder to take the time to explore this program some time over the holidays. You will find it under  ‘art and graphics’ in your netbook programs list.
Grab a couple of photos or JPG images and import them into the program.
See if you can work out how to import some music.
Be creative. Have fun!

Let me know what you discover.


Prep buddy tabloid sports afternoon..Congratulations Year 6!

Never work with children or animals…apparently sound advice for some.
But look what happens when children work with children…especially when Year 6 students work with their Prep buddies.

What did you learn from this experience Grade 6?  Did you enjoy the afternoon’s activity?

Solar Boat Race Day

The race day had finally arrived.
The sun shone…well, most of the time.
The teams prepared to do battle…otherwise known as friendly rivalry.
The boats raced…backwards, sideways and forwards at various speeds.
A crowd of children watched on…nervously and excitedly

  One team, one boat and one winner (or in this case, four).

Visit student blogs to learn more about the day’s activities.

The winning team and their boat

The winning team and their boat


Solar Boat Final from carolkane on Vimeo.