Where in the world…?

Where in the world? That is the question that will be answered on Monday when we start the first leg of the NGPS Amazing Cyber Race.
Today you had the opportunity to travel to Echuca and practise some of the skills you will need for this inquiry.
Well done to Emma and Rebecca, Joseph and Angus and Jess and Georgia who finished in first, second and third place.
I’d like to know…

What was the most challenging part of this activity today and why?

What was something you learnt in relation to using websites?

How successful were you and your partner at working together?

On Monday your team heads off to a mystery location….GOOD LUCK!

And for another mystery… where will this door take you?

The Secret Door

The Secret Door is presented by Safestyle UK

Photo Story …what are the possibilities?


Photo Story

Photo Story



Just a reminder to take the time to explore this program some time over the holidays. You will find it under  ‘art and graphics’ in your netbook programs list.
Grab a couple of photos or JPG images and import them into the program.
See if you can work out how to import some music.
Be creative. Have fun!

Let me know what you discover.


Six Faces of Australia

Join The Student Blogging Challenge Now – Starts Mid September!  The Edublogger_2010-10-05_16-32-17

One of the first writing tasks we undertook in class this year was to write on the topic ‘What being Australian means to me’.
The ‘Week 3 Class Blogging Challenge’ is somewhat similar to this.

It requires you to share something on your blog that would give an international visitor to your site an idea about ‘What being Australian means to me’.

So…your task is to produce a cube that depicts images that are typically Australian and have meaning for you… images that represent the place where you live, sports,holidays, favourite places or places you have travelled to with your family.

Choose wisely because you are asked to  justify your choices.

Student Blogs

This week each student will be provided with their personal blog. What is a blog I hear you ask? Where did the word blog origniate from? It seems such an ordinary word doesn’t it?  Apparently the word blog  is a blend of the words web log. ( A fact I recently learnt) Yes…such an ordinary word for an extraordinary opportunity fot students to share their learning journey. Stay tuned.

Follow this link to an explanation of what blogs are from commoncraft



Blogs in Plain English - Common Craft - Our Product is Explanation - Windows Int_2010-07-15_11-33-09

Microsoft Visio…

Microsoft Visio… This week we used this software to create a two dimensional representation of our bedroom. We needed to base our final plan on the real dimensions of the room ( measured in metres and centimetres), the furniture  and other fixtures such as windows, doors and in one case…a peephole. We didn’t need to include such detail as the odd sock or two lurking under the bed or similar clutter.

Explore the possibilities of Microsoft Office Visio.
Explore the possibilities of Microsoft Office Visio.

Anzac Day Pages In Learning Portfolio

Hopefully all students have completed their goal for last week which was to share the Anzac Day double page in their Learning Portfolio.

This included an Anzac Day brochure and printscreen of an Anzac Day Photo Story. It sould also include two quiz results and the Anzac Soldier’s Letter.

For all other work to be completed click th

e link to view the tracking sheet.

trackingsheetmaster 14th May