Money in the bank or money in shares

So…you have  $1000 to spend  ( in your dreams of course).

What do you do… invest in the sharemarket or play it safe and put your $1000  in the bank? 

This prompts me to ask another question…how is your $3000 share portfolio  ( virtual investment ) measuring up?

Have you made a profit or loss? I would really like to know.

And…following on from the  discussion we had today about bank profit and interest payments, this  Behind The News  segment might be worth watching. 


Behind the News - 01112011 Bank Business - Windows Internet Explorer_2011-11-22_19-53-37

Gold…when, where and who?

Just three simple questions.

How many of you  believe that your  group was able to confidently answer them during your discussion?

 Perhaps you might need to dig a little deeperBe careful…there is such a thing as ‘fools gold’.

 Also…what image have you decided to include on your Gold Book cover and why?


Painting by S T Gill
Gold Diggers at Ballaarat… Painting by S T Gill



Photo Story …what are the possibilities?


Photo Story

Photo Story



Just a reminder to take the time to explore this program some time over the holidays. You will find it under  ‘art and graphics’ in your netbook programs list.
Grab a couple of photos or JPG images and import them into the program.
See if you can work out how to import some music.
Be creative. Have fun!

Let me know what you discover.