Simple fractions…

Simple fractions…hmm. Many of you will agree that the words simple and fractions should not be used in the same sentence.

Working with fractions is usually quite tricky.

Today I learnt that many of you need extra support with simplifying ( reducing ) fractions. This video shows the ‘how to’ of simplifying fractions. As I mentioned today, you will need to do two things…stop/ start the video a number of times and watch the video more than once. It would be  even better if you could watch it with mum or dad (if they have the time).


Oh and let me know whether this video has been helpful to you and why or why not.


How to simplify fractions video

How to simplify fractions video

Table Master…take the challenge

A few weeks ago you were introduced to the Table Master Challenge which requires you to complete 144 times tables within a given time limit. At the moment I have been extremely generous, and as such, you have been given ten minutes to complete the challenge. This will change next term.

I would like to know about your performance so far on this task. Cast your mind back to your first attempt…

How did you feel? What was your time and score?
What improvement have you made? Oh …and there is nothing stopping you from bringing a few of these home to practise!


Worth it’s weight in gold…a maths inquiry

Since the discovery of gold in Australia 1851, there have been a number of sizable nuggets uncovered…from 1850 something to present day.
Your task is to research these discoveries.  You will calculate their value in AUD ( what does this mean?) and present this information three ways.

  • using Excel create a table , showing  year, location,name if supplied, weight in troy ounces, size and dollar value today.
  • create a graph…this is quantative data. Which graph format will be most appropriate?
  • Year 6 students will need to also show the comparative value of each nugget as a perentage of the toatl value of all nuggets. Which graph format is most suitable for this task?
  • you will record a response using audio or video.. to share your learning.

And by the way…this will be a partner  task….Good Luck!


Crop Circles…who created them and why?

Have you ever wondered about who or what is responsible for the mysterious appearence of crop circles. Is it the work of little green men from Mars?

This term we will focus on creating our own crop circle designs….with a few design criteria of course.

Here is an image ( courtesy of Google Maps ), of what I saw from my flight from the Gold Coast today  ( central NSW, north of Griffith) flying at an altitude of about 11,000 metres.

What do you think? How is this possible?

Once again…you be the detective.



What’s my angle…?

Test your  knowledge of angles. These links will take you to sites that will do just that.

Good Luck!