Solar Boat Year 5 teams…dare to win…

Year 5,

I was going to share with you a video. A video that showed how  a Year 5 team defied  all odds in 2011. Not only were they Grade 5 students…they were an all girl team.

However…my message is the same…’Game On’ Year 6…the Year fives are  playing to win.

Knowing what you have learnt about ‘working in a team skills’,what behaviours will your team be focussing on?

Solar Boat Race Day

The race day had finally arrived.
The sun shone…well, most of the time.
The teams prepared to do battle…otherwise known as friendly rivalry.
The boats raced…backwards, sideways and forwards at various speeds.
A crowd of children watched on…nervously and excitedly

  One team, one boat and one winner (or in this case, four).

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The winning team and their boat

The winning team and their boat


Solar Boat Final from carolkane on Vimeo.