Just for laughs…maybe not

Last week we began work on our  I AM poems.

For some of you, getting started proved to be difficult. We discussed what it means to ‘work tough’ and that creating is one of the hardest types of thinking we can be asked to do at school.  ( According to our Blooms chart that is. )  Tim, you found  a website that automatically, or at the very least, with little thought needed, creates poems for you. But that’s cheating isn’t it?

We proved that persistence pays off and many of you are well on the way to publishing your poem. I’d like to know how you felt you achieved on this task?

Now, just for fun, you may like to explore this website.

giggle poem




Where to next?

I promised I’d leave you some clues so read on…

Take a close look at this text. I heard you love those small, oval shaped tomatoes. I  hope you’re not left with that sinking feeling…remember hope springs eternal. Oh, no, we really aren’t that close to Rosebud.

Good luck!

I have a dream…

“I have a dream”…a quote from an infamous speech given by  an American  man called Martin Luther King in 1963, about the rights of black Americans.

Jessica Watson is an Australian  had a dream of her own.

Visit the link below and answer these questions…

What risks did Jessica take to achieve her dream? 

What inspired you the most about her story?





Oh…and an additional task if you want ‘to go the extra yards’…What did you think of Martin Luther King’s dream?


To wonder is to dream…

Our Class text this term is “Wonder” by R J Palacio. I’m guessing many of you are not familiar with this novel.

It explores a number of issues …friendship, disability… dealing with challenges and acceptance. In class we will spend time exploring these concepts.

To wonder is to dream…I wonder what Auggie’s dream would be?

Learn more….

Below is one review posted on the  ‘Inside A Dog’ website. This site contains reviews posted by children for children. By the way…take time to explore this site. Do you have what it takes to write a book review? 

Capture 7






Fraction fun…

Just for fun …or at the very least, fraction practice.

Give these a go and let me know how you would rate these games and why?

Can you find some fraction games of your own to add to your Maths page on your blog?







Food Glorious Food…

Sydney Leg Team Challenge

Food Glorious Food


For this challenge you need do the following preparation:

  • access the video in the ‘To Collect’ folder. This will provide you with the tune you need to learn. You will need to listen to this video a number of times
  • collect the word doc with the lyrics that match the video clip.

You will need to use both of these resources to assist you with your team rehearsal.

Remember…the group that records the most entertaining rendition of this song wins a tour voucher that can be ‘cashed in’ during any of the remaining Amazing Race legs.

I’m guessing that this might be the most challenging aspect of the competition so far.

I’d like you to EXPLAIN how your team PREPARED for this CHALLENGE.


Choose your challenge…

Which is most challenging …building words or building a Passive Energy House?

In class we have been investigating the building blocks we use to construct our words. Unfortunately, with word building, there is no clear design brief.

We build words using a combination of base words, prefixes and suffixes…hmm…this can be very confusing.

Amy in Miss C’s class stumbled upon this resource. Great work Amy!

Spelling Rules for ed and ing Lesson 13

Did you learn anything?



Are you ready…?

We are almost at the point where we will begin constructing our Passive Energy House.

Your team should have passed the ‘Mrs Kane and Miss Condon quiz’ about the elements of passive design. Once you have done this, you have received  your building permit!

By now you should have discussed this task with mum or dad. Soon you will meet as a team ( knee to knee and eye to eye), to decide which materials you need and whose responsibility it is to provide them. 

Remember…no materials, no building.

Oh and this web site might provide you with some food for thought.

Capture 2