Proudly Published…

Writing is creating. Creating is ‘higher order thinking’. Hmm…yes I know you have heard this many times in class.

Take  time to visit the Proudly Published  page on this blog.

Just to refresh your memory…  Ouch …sometimes higher order thinking means  ‘hard yakka’. 

What was the most challenging part of this task?



Smart Learning…make it a habit.

Over the part two weeks you have been investigating your family’s immigration history…the where from, why, when and how.
I’d like you to reflect upon your success or otherwise on this task.
So tell me…
Which Habits of Mind have you mostly used to achieve some success on this task?
Can you tell me which habits and how they have helped you?

Digging deeper

5A….I have been extremely impressed with the enthusiasm you have displayed in the classroom for our Inquiry…’from all the lands on Earth we come.’

Take the time to read the comments posted if you haven’t already done so. It may assist your team in developing a question for you to research.

Tomorrow we will take the first baby steps to ‘delving deeper’ into our Inquiry.

 What ‘deep questions’ will your Inquiry group be investigating?

One more thing…what do you think this image represents?


Image courtesy of the Herald Sun

Image courtesy of the Herald Sun

Wecome to Year 5A

Welcome to Grade 5A.

I am very much looking forward to this year.  I hope you are relaxing and enjoying your holiday with  family and friends.

As I mentioned in your Welcome Letter…I have a  question for you.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Oh and there are some other questions…

What have you enjoyed doing?

Where have you been holidaying if you have had a chance to get away?

Can you recommend a great book to read?

I will share my responses to these questions… My family holidays at Ocean Grove for most of January. We come and go depending upon the weather. I enjoy very long walks along the beach; and swimming and boogie boarding( between the flags of course). This year I decided to join the local library so I have a smorgasbord of books to choose from. I am currently reading a book titled ‘Half Broke Horses’ by Jeanette Walls. I plucked it from the ‘highly recommended’ shelf. It’s the kind of book that once you start reading…well you are kind of hooked!

I look forward to reading your responses to these questions.

Doing It With decimals…how did you go?

This week your knowledge of decimals was put to the test.

How did you go? Is their something you need help with?

Most of you would benefit from some extra practice.

Click on the image below to learn more. ( I have also added this to the Maths Tools page on our blog for future reference.) Oh and don’t forget Cool Maths For Kids…this site is also worth a visit.


Inquiry Filming

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have lots of iPads and iPad minis in our classroom. We used them to make our inquiry films. To begin with we shares ideas and handy tips. Before we knew it our classroom was abuzz with excitement and anticipation. Students were scattered around the school in search of the perfect filming location. Rookie interviewers were putting the acting technique to the test.

The morning culminated in the ‘Grand Premiere’, no popcorn or ice cream in sight though.



What were the advantages of being able to have ‘your voice’ represented through the medium of film?