Well done…

Well done to all of you that have spent time this weekend following up on the student blogging challenge.

I have visited all of your blogs this weekend and left some comments.

This week you will be asked to gather evidence to help you make judgements about your blogging progress. We will revisit the blogging rubric we developed as a class quite some time ago.





Six Faces of Australia

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One of the first writing tasks we undertook in class this year was to write on the topic ‘What being Australian means to me’.
The ‘Week 3 Class Blogging Challenge’ is somewhat similar to this.

It requires you to share something on your blog that would give an international visitor to your site an idea about ‘What being Australian means to me’.

So…your task is to produce a cube that depicts images that are typically Australian and have meaning for you… images that represent the place where you live, sports,holidays, favourite places or places you have travelled to with your family.

Choose wisely because you are asked to  justify your choices.