Yes, I know it’s August but…

“When given a  choice between being right and being kind, chose kind.” This is a direct quote from Wonder by R.J. Palacio… the ‘September Precept’. You might like to share with your parents,what meaning this has for you.

This afternoon we viewed a short video clip…Danny Kaye singing

“The Ugly Duckling”. (And no…this time he wasn’t playing the role of a court jester.)

I’d like to know what hidden  message you received from this short clip? What connections can you make between this and our class novel Wonder?

About Me…

One of the pages on your blog will be titled About Me.

Here you will talk about you…your family, interests, your likes and dislikes and more.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? BUT…how do you share this information without giving away too many personal details about you? As you know, we have to keep in mind our digital footprint.

Below is a link that takes you to a web site that contains links to student blogs, that contain an about me page, that contains personal information. Hmmm…lots of contains. Am I trying to make a point?

Explore these. What ideas have you gathered for your page?

1 Capture

5A…welcome to the world of blogging

Last week we spent class time setting up our individual blogs.  The classroom was abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm. For one or two of you, there was also a little frustration as you had to ‘problem solve’ some initial login problems.

So yes…working with technology can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

This week we will be exploring this question… ‘How do I create a great blog post?’

I look forward to your thoughts.


Should we or shouldn’t we?

Last weekend many billions of  people around the world witnessed the ‘fairy tale’ royal wedding …many of them Australians. The wedding  is said to have created an  increased interest in the Royal Family .

There are others though, that believe that the time has come for Australia to cut its ties with England and become a republic .  This means that we would no longer have The Queen as our head of government.
So…should Australia become a republic? What do you think?

Do some research. Discuss this question with your family or visit the links above to help you with your decision.

Let me know what you decide. Oh…and leave a comment explaining your decision.

Renewable Energy…your opinion

Having an opinion is something that is encouraged in our classroom: being able to express your ideas and challenge those of others.

This week we have used a variety of information sources to inform our attitudes toward the question “Renewable Energy or Fossil Fuels?”

Another resourcejust added )   Pros and cons of energy sources.

Below I have created a number of simple polls. All of them pose skinny questions.

Complete each of the polls and leave a comment telling me which of the polls was the most difficult to respond to and why. You may also choose to respond to the comments of others.



The Weekly Tracking Sheet

The ‘Weekly Tracking Sheet’ outlines for students the learning activities that will take place during the coming week in class.  It also contains a weekly goal that you are expected to achieve.

Just as importantly, it is to used as a tool  to  monitor your ability to keep ‘on track ‘  in relation to the completion of classroom tasks. 

Are you  managing your learning?