National Young Leaders Day

National Young Leaders Day has become an annual event organised by the Halogen Organisation. This year it will take place in Melbourne on Friday 4th March. The overall aim of this day is to develop student leadership within our schools.

The objectives of the day are to:

•Inspire students to make a positive contribution to their school.
•Motivate students to be great leaders in their area of influence.
•Empower students with practical skills of balancing study, school commitments and social life as well as managing the stress in these areas.
•Promote the value of inspirational and positive role models as examples to others, by exposing students to a diverse range of leaders and their views on leadership.
•Educate students about the need to grow in knowledge and practical skills in the areas of excellence and leadership.
•Connect students with other students from other schools and develop long term support network.

This may be the kind of experience you would like to share with your child. More information regarding this event is available here.

Solar Boat Race Day

The race day had finally arrived.
The sun shone…well, most of the time.
The teams prepared to do battle…otherwise known as friendly rivalry.
The boats raced…backwards, sideways and forwards at various speeds.
A crowd of children watched on…nervously and excitedly

  One team, one boat and one winner (or in this case, four).

Visit student blogs to learn more about the day’s activities.

The winning team and their boat

The winning team and their boat


Solar Boat Final from carolkane on Vimeo.

The Canberra Quiz

As a lead up to the Federal Election, we spent some time looking into the history of our nation’s capital city.Individually and in groups students prepared for simple quiz.

The results were quite disappointing, so… after being given some additional preparartion time…we did it all again.
What is that saying ? “If at first you don’t suceed…”

And…succeed they did!  Visit the student blogs to learn more.

Click on the link below to read Jordan’s  honest account of  behaviours that effected her performance.

Canberra Reflection- Jordan G

Breakfast Cereals… the good, the bad and the ugly

Given that breakfast is meant to fuel our bodies with energy needed to kick start our day, our students have been engaged in an-ongoing investigation in relation to the nutritional value of breakfast cereals.
We began by looking into the nutrition of cereals and ranking them accordingly.

They then had to investigate cereal boxes in order to create one of their own using a number of criteria, one of which was to include 3 of the ” tricks of advertising”   

Students have been asked to explain the task in detail to mum and dad and  gather written feedback on their criteria sheet.



Working In A Team…the final result.

Over the past two weeks students have worked in their teams to produce  a video that meets this criteria.
Individually collect: the lyrics, video and music of the song “Caught in the Crowd”, by Kate Miller-Heidke
As a group produce a storyboard that shows;
• Time
• Action of characters
• Setting
• Lyrics
• Camera shot details

Rehearse your performance and edit  your storyboard.
Every group member will produce their own 60 second video clip using  Audacity and Windows Movie Maker.


Each team member had to rate their performance in relation to their contribution to the task.

Working In A Team

This past week we have been busily working on our first ‘Working In Team Task’. We listened to the music video clip by Kate Miller Heidke titled “Caught in the Crowd”. It generated rich conversation around the questions “What is message this song sends?” and ” What is our responsibiliy as a bystander to bullying?”
Click on this link to view the video clip.

The team task asks students to produce a 60 second video clip based upon the lyrics of the song that will share an important message in relation to bullying.