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3 thoughts on “Proudly Published

  1. Hello Mrs Kane,
    When we did the poem to really took time and effort to make the poem perfect. The poem is probably my favourite thing that is in our portfolio. I had lots of fun so I hope we can make another poem sometime soon.
    By Maddie

    • Hello Maddie,
      I think the reason you are keen to have the opportunity to create is because you connect the feeling of achievement with the effort you had to apply to the task. You should be proud of your effort…and you have learnt that success leads to greater confidence. I hope you shared your poem with your family.
      Well done Maddie!!
      Mrs Kane

  2. To Mrs Kane
    I was impressed with my poem and it took a lot of thinking and creating to get the job done I like the task as well and would love to do a Poem again. The challenging thing about the poem was the thinking what to write because you never know what to write and then suddenly the idea just hits you. The other hard part was starting the poem because you had to make a decision with what subject you were going to start with.
    Yours sincerely Molly

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