8 thoughts on “Maths Matters

  1. Hello Mrs Kane,
    I had a go at the area and perimeter one. I think its a great tool and will help me to get better at area and perimeter.
    From Kate

  2. Hello Mrs Kane,
    I just played the Area and Perimeter game. I found it fun and a bit easy and that meant I would of had to go onto level 2 or 3. I can’t wait to do this in class.
    From Maddie

  3. Hi Mrs Kane,
    I have played the maths fraction game. I really like it because its challenging for me and I like challenges very much, its like a puzzle. I love the maths matters section on the blog. I really enjoy being on the blog I can’t wait to have my own!!!.
    From Grace. :):):):):):):)

    • Hello Grace,
      I can’t wait for you to have your blog either. It will give you the opportunity to share your learning with others, publish your work and communicate to a ‘global’ audience.
      Mrs Kane.

  4. Good morning Mrs Kane,

    I had a try at the fraction game on the Math Matters page and it was pretty challenging when I got up to about 100 because I just went all sleepy and it felt like my brain was about to pop but I still continued up to 160 cards. I really enjoyed playing that Fraction Game so I think I would like to have it on my own blog as one of the sights that 5A can visit so my blog is like yours. I can’t wait to get my own blog when I earn it!!!!

    My Kindest Regards,

    • Hayley,
      I enjoyed receiving your feedback about the fraction game. Your comments were very helpful.
      You will find that having your own blog will give you a voice. You will need to make decisions about the usefulness of the information you post and links you are sharing.
      Mrs Kane.

  5. Hi Mrs Kane,
    So far through the year I am so happy that you are a good maths teacher. I always hear rumors about you that you’re the best maths teacher. I understand my maths a little more when you write the learning intention on the white board in maths sessions. Keep up the good maths teaching.
    Kind Regards Grace

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