This year you will be given the opportunity to work on the art of playing chess.

This website would be a good one to visit to get you started.

 Please check with mum or dad before signing up as a member of Chess for

2 thoughts on “Chess

  1. Hi
    Are you having a chess club at school?!
    We have got one at the moment but i am not in it because i do not know how to play!!!!
    I will have a go on the site and tell you the news when i have.

    Talk to you soon
    From Hannah

    • Hello Hannah,
      Thank you Hannah for your comment.
      to answer your question…last term we did run a chess club.
      Many of our students didn’t know how to play so that is why I have the links on our class blog. Some children found it much easier to learn how to play this way.
      Is chess one of your favourite games?
      If not, do you have a favourite board game?
      How do you like to spend your weekends?
      Mrs Kane.

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