Passive Energy House

Last week you were provided with the design brief for this task. You were asked to share this with your parents. Have you?CaptureYou began by  researching answers to questions such as…

What is passive energy design?  What do I need to know about the 4 elements of passive design?

Here are links to two trustworthy sites to assist you with your research.

gov site




Today we launched into the Passive Energy House task. You have been assigned your teams.

Remember…the team that works best as a team will be the most successful!

2 thoughts on “Passive Energy House

  1. Hello Mrs Kane Im Sam Mr Kane’s Class we have been doing solor power to.(and battry power too). We Have so much fun. BY THE WAY MR KANE IS THE BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD. 🙂 🙁 😀

  2. Hello Mrs Kane,
    Sam I have seen your posted comment and i am really interested about hearing more about solar and battery power because on our passive houses it will be a bit tricky to work the solar and battery power out. Want to hear more from you Sam. From Grace.

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