Lemonade stand…profit or loss?

One Summer I remember ( I was about 11 ) setting up a lemonade stand with my brother and sister and the children from 2 other families who lived down the street where we lived.
Our special recipe consisted of water, freshly squeezed lemons and fruit saline ( the secret to our success).

We set up a card table out the front of our neighbour’s house, grabbed a number of glasses, ( back then honey and peanut butter was sold in jars that could be used as  glasses once you rinsed them out) and made a sign using our Derwent pencils.

Our neigbours became our faithful customers. We made enough money each to buy an ice cream.My favourite was something called a ‘Cream Between’.

This probably sounds like a sad tale compared to the success you may have experienced playing the Lemondade Stand game. How successful were you? 

 What did you learn from your analysis of the game?

By the way….according to a very well know saying….”The customer is always right.”….epecially if you are a duck!!! This will make sense if you watch this video. ( courtesy of school tube )