Well done…

Well done to all of you that have spent time this weekend following up on the student blogging challenge.

I have visited all of your blogs this weekend and left some comments.

This week you will be asked to gather evidence to help you make judgements about your blogging progress. We will revisit the blogging rubric we developed as a class quite some time ago.





About Me…

One of the pages on your blog will be titled About Me.

Here you will talk about you…your family, interests, your likes and dislikes and more.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? BUT…how do you share this information without giving away too many personal details about you? As you know, we have to keep in mind our digital footprint.

Below is a link that takes you to a web site that contains links to student blogs, that contain an about me page, that contains personal information. Hmmm…lots of contains. Am I trying to make a point?

Explore these. What ideas have you gathered for your page?

1 Capture

5A…welcome to the world of blogging

Last week we spent class time setting up our individual blogs.  The classroom was abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm. For one or two of you, there was also a little frustration as you had to ‘problem solve’ some initial login problems.

So yes…working with technology can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

This week we will be exploring this question… ‘How do I create a great blog post?’

I look forward to your thoughts.


Digital footprints…what are they and why are they important?

I know for a fact that you have heard of the term ‘digital footprints’.

Do you really know what they are ?

Tomorrow we will view this segment from  Behind the News. You will be asked to leave a quality comment. I wonder why?

digital footprint

By the way …what is a quality comment? The information contained in the image below is courtesy of

http://yollisclassblog.blogspot.com.au/…  another blog worth exploring if you have time to explore our Global blogging community.

Quality Comments

Welcome to 2011

Dear Parents,
This morning has signalled the start of a new school year… no more sleepy mornings, leisurely breakfasts and routine free days.
These will be replaced by the annoying  sound of a morning  alarm, preparation of  school lunches and hectic weekly routines.

Having said that, I would like to welcome you to our ‘Grade 6B learning community’ and our class blog. Regular visits to our class blog will enable you to keep in touch with what is happening in the classroom. It also serves as a communication tool between school and home in relation to important dates and forthcoming events.

Today the children were issued with their student diary. Each day it must be taken home and returned to school the next day.

Students have been set a weekly goal. Yes, I know that this is a very short week, so I have kept it simple.

 They have been asked to talk about their day and share with you the ‘Smart Learning Behaviour’ document that is pasted in their diary. Children should be able to discuss each point in some detail.

The document also appears on the sidebar of this blog under the title ” For You To Read” . Click on the document to enlarge it for easy reading.

Six Faces of Australia

Join The Student Blogging Challenge Now – Starts Mid September!  The Edublogger_2010-10-05_16-32-17

One of the first writing tasks we undertook in class this year was to write on the topic ‘What being Australian means to me’.
The ‘Week 3 Class Blogging Challenge’ is somewhat similar to this.

It requires you to share something on your blog that would give an international visitor to your site an idea about ‘What being Australian means to me’.

So…your task is to produce a cube that depicts images that are typically Australian and have meaning for you… images that represent the place where you live, sports,holidays, favourite places or places you have travelled to with your family.

Choose wisely because you are asked to  justify your choices.