Off to a positive start…

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our NGPS Open Night.

It was great to see mums, dads and students enjoying the opportunity to visit classrooms.

To my students…Well done! I loved listening to your ‘ tour guide’ commentaries.

I look forward to reading your reflections about the Positive Start Program….a first for New Gisborne Primary.

SMART learning behaviour

This week you have been asked to share the Year 6 class  SMART learning behaviour with mum or dad.

I would like to know which of these behaviours you believe will be the most important for you and your learning this year.

Have a chat with mum  or dad and cast your vote on the poll below.  It will be interesting to see what everyone thinks!               

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Welcome to 2011

Dear Parents,
This morning has signalled the start of a new school year… no more sleepy mornings, leisurely breakfasts and routine free days.
These will be replaced by the annoying  sound of a morning  alarm, preparation of  school lunches and hectic weekly routines.

Having said that, I would like to welcome you to our ‘Grade 6B learning community’ and our class blog. Regular visits to our class blog will enable you to keep in touch with what is happening in the classroom. It also serves as a communication tool between school and home in relation to important dates and forthcoming events.

Today the children were issued with their student diary. Each day it must be taken home and returned to school the next day.

Students have been set a weekly goal. Yes, I know that this is a very short week, so I have kept it simple.

 They have been asked to talk about their day and share with you the ‘Smart Learning Behaviour’ document that is pasted in their diary. Children should be able to discuss each point in some detail.

The document also appears on the sidebar of this blog under the title ” For You To Read” . Click on the document to enlarge it for easy reading.

The Final Countdown


The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. I’d like to say that with that comes the opportunity to slow down, relax, sing Christmas Carols and make Christmas cards. Sad to say.. the holiday season is not with us yet! ( check the countdown)

Today we listed a number of important dates in our student diaries:


   7th December        Year 6 Transition ….have you completed the necessary forms?


   10th December     Solar Boat Race Day ….have you returned your note and payment?


   14th December     Cake Auction…put your money where your mouth is. (another old-fashioned saying that in this case, is very relevant)


   16th December     Grade 6 Graduation…have you returned your form and payment and  provided your  menu choice?

Golden Oldies

As a way of recognising the success of the Student Learning Portfolio Presentations and celebrating a gratifyting semester’s work, Mr Rogers and I decided to reward the students with a special treat.

 I’m guessing the movie “The Court Jester” was not on their ‘must see list’. After all, how could a movie filmed in 1955, staring a cast of unknown actors and with no ‘wiz-bang’ special effects to speak of, capture their attention any longer than an ant’s heart beat?

How? …the dying art of clever script writing.  

What did the harshest critics think? Visit the student blogposts titled The Court Jester.