How Cool Is Our School?

This morning our school was visited by the Minister for Education, Bronwyn Pike.

Although the length of her stay was very short, she took time out to  visit our classroom. The Minister was quite keen to learn  how the netbooks were used by students and how access to this technology is enriching our learning in a 21st century environment.

The students were working on a variety of tasks related to the presentation of their Learning Portfolios. The Minister was extremely impressed by what she saw.
Awesome effort Grade 6!!!

Working In A Team

This past week we have been busily working on our first ‘Working In Team Task’. We listened to the music video clip by Kate Miller Heidke titled “Caught in the Crowd”. It generated rich conversation around the questions “What is message this song sends?” and ” What is our responsibiliy as a bystander to bullying?”
Click on this link to view the video clip.

The team task asks students to produce a 60 second video clip based upon the lyrics of the song that will share an important message in relation to bullying.

Learning Portfolio Cover Design

Over the past two weeks students have been working producing covers for their learning portfolios. The students were asked to follow a set of criteria: an outline of expected standards and content for the task.
Students also needed to gain feedback in relation to their performance on this task from peers, their parents and the teacher. One tool that is used in our classroom to promote discussion, structure feedback and reflection is De Bono’s Six thinking hats.
The slideshow below features the result of the students efforts.