Just for laughs…maybe not

Last week we began work on our  I AM poems.

For some of you, getting started proved to be difficult. We discussed what it means to ‘work tough’ and that creating is one of the hardest types of thinking we can be asked to do at school.  ( According to our Blooms chart that is. )  Tim, you found  a website that automatically, or at the very least, with little thought needed, creates poems for you. But that’s cheating isn’t it?

We proved that persistence pays off and many of you are well on the way to publishing your poem. I’d like to know how you felt you achieved on this task?

Now, just for fun, you may like to explore this website.

giggle poem




Photo Story …what are the possibilities?


Photo Story

Photo Story



Just a reminder to take the time to explore this program some time over the holidays. You will find it under  ‘art and graphics’ in your netbook programs list.
Grab a couple of photos or JPG images and import them into the program.
See if you can work out how to import some music.
Be creative. Have fun!

Let me know what you discover.