Exploring the world of student blogging

Talking blogging…this is an excellent student blogger site.  Visit the student blogs that are linked to the side bar on the right. Take time to explore them.

Then ask yourself….

 What impressed you? What would you like to learn to do?  What questions do you have?  

Oh… if you visit the ‘Getting started’ page, you might find answers to questions you have. Especially you Joseph!

I look forward to your comments.



Digging deeper

5A….I have been extremely impressed with the enthusiasm you have displayed in the classroom for our Inquiry…’from all the lands on Earth we come.’

Take the time to read the comments posted if you haven’t already done so. It may assist your team in developing a question for you to research.

Tomorrow we will take the first baby steps to ‘delving deeper’ into our Inquiry.

 What ‘deep questions’ will your Inquiry group be investigating?

One more thing…what do you think this image represents?


Image courtesy of the Herald Sun

Image courtesy of the Herald Sun

Crop Circles…who created them and why?

Have you ever wondered about who or what is responsible for the mysterious appearence of crop circles. Is it the work of little green men from Mars?

This term we will focus on creating our own crop circle designs….with a few design criteria of course.

Here is an image ( courtesy of Google Maps ), of what I saw from my flight from the Gold Coast today  ( central NSW, north of Griffith) flying at an altitude of about 11,000 metres.

What do you think? How is this possible?

Once again…you be the detective.



Cybersmart Kids

To quote from the website “Cybersmart has activities and animations, a quiz and facts about being cybersmart and cybersafe online.”

This image will take you to the quiz. Take time to read the ‘quiz blurb’ and then test your ‘online savvy’. 

 How did your ‘cybersmarts’ compare with Sam’s?

Cybersmart - Quiz - how cybersmart am I - Windows Internet Explorer_2011-05-23_18-44-57