Smart Learning…make it a habit.

Over the part two weeks you have been investigating your family’s immigration history…the where from, why, when and how.
I’d like you to reflect upon your success or otherwise on this task.
So tell me…
Which Habits of Mind have you mostly used to achieve some success on this task?
Can you tell me which habits and how they have helped you?

Digging deeper

5A….I have been extremely impressed with the enthusiasm you have displayed in the classroom for our Inquiry…’from all the lands on Earth we come.’

Take the time to read the comments posted if you haven’t already done so. It may assist your team in developing a question for you to research.

Tomorrow we will take the first baby steps to ‘delving deeper’ into our Inquiry.

 What ‘deep questions’ will your Inquiry group be investigating?

One more thing…what do you think this image represents?


Image courtesy of the Herald Sun

Image courtesy of the Herald Sun

“For those who come across the sea…”

Where In The World…?

In class we are investigating the history of immigration to Australia.

Next week we are going to ‘map’ the journey that some of your  past relatives may have taken ‘across the sea’ many years ago.

So…I need you to take on the role of detective and interview your mum, or dad, or both. Find out what you can about your family’s immigration history.   Happy hunting!!!

Oh…and leave a comment on this post to let me know what you discover.

Gold…when, where and who?

Just three simple questions.

How many of you  believe that your  group was able to confidently answer them during your discussion?

 Perhaps you might need to dig a little deeperBe careful…there is such a thing as ‘fools gold’.

 Also…what image have you decided to include on your Gold Book cover and why?


Painting by S T Gill
Gold Diggers at Ballaarat… Painting by S T Gill



Gallipoli…a soldier’s tale

                                                                                        The Rising Sun

Put yourself in the place of a soldier on the Gallipoli Peninsula. That is what this task is asking of you.

Who are you? What battalion do you belong to? Who are you writing to you? What experiences have you had?

   I would love you to tell me. 


Another question… Can you give a name to the image above?

S T Gill… 'A picture paints a thousand words'.

“A picture paints a thousand words”… according to a well- known proverb.

When it comes to recording history, this is especially true. Let’s face it, there were no digital cameras, mobile phones  or iPods on the diggings in the 1850’s.  So…thank goodness for someone like S.T.Gill.

After trying his luck on the goldfields without success, he decided to return to his true talent. His watercolour paintings provide us with a snapshot of life on the Victorian goldfields in the mid 1850’s.

Are you able to descibe the history behind the art ?


Gold Diary…quality vs quantity

As a class we have spoken many times about the ‘craft of writing’.
Powerful writing creates a strong image and stirs emotions in the mind of the reader.

In this, your second Gold Diary entry, you must do just that.
Can you put into words what it must have been like for many who travelled to Australia in search of fortune, in search of a better life?

Those that left their home and families behind knowing that there was little hope of returning to their loved ones.

Can you capture that moment?
Can you?