Gallipoli…a soldier’s tale

                                                                                        The Rising Sun

Put yourself in the place of a soldier on the Gallipoli Peninsula. That is what this task is asking of you.

Who are you? What battalion do you belong to? Who are you writing to you? What experiences have you had?

   I would love you to tell me. 


Another question… Can you give a name to the image above?

The Egg Of Columbus

'Egg of Columbu's image courtesy of Puzzles.COM

'Egg of Columbus' image courtesy of Puzzles.COM

The puzzle ‘Egg of Columbus’ appears at first glance to be a simple tangram puzzle. All you need to do is use the 9 pieces of the egg to create 6 basic shapes. You must use all of the pieces, none of which are allowed to overlap. Sounds easy???

It became very apparent, after a few short minutes that this egg puzzle was proving to be difficult to crack. The ability of students to persist and think creatively was being tested with the levels of frustration within the classroom rising with every minute.

Students achieved variable degrees of success. After all, we can’t all be spatially talented. Only a few children managed to find all six solutions. Most managed to complete three or four and came to the conclusion that just because something looks easy doesn’t mean that it is.

 Oh…and for those few inquisitive students who wanted to know how the puzzle got its name… click here.

Come In Spinner…What's the probability?

 “Come in spinner” is a term that is associated with the game of Two Up. This is a uniquely Australian  game in which bets are made on the chances of two coins falling with  either heads or tails landing face up.

two up



If you do the maths, then the chances of tossing a head or a tail should be 50/50. In reality this may not necessarily be true.

 You should probably visit the link to “Adjustable Spinners”.  

   Oh…and don’t forget to do the maths!