Smart Learning…make it a habit.

Over the part two weeks you have been investigating your family’s immigration history…the where from, why, when and how.
I’d like you to reflect upon your success or otherwise on this task.
So tell me…
Which Habits of Mind have you mostly used to achieve some success on this task?
Can you tell me which habits and how they have helped you?

Digging deeper

5A….I have been extremely impressed with the enthusiasm you have displayed in the classroom for our Inquiry…’from all the lands on Earth we come.’

Take the time to read the comments posted if you haven’t already done so. It may assist your team in developing a question for you to research.

Tomorrow we will take the first baby steps to ‘delving deeper’ into our Inquiry.

 What ‘deep questions’ will your Inquiry group be investigating?

One more thing…what do you think this image represents?


Image courtesy of the Herald Sun

Image courtesy of the Herald Sun

SMART learning behaviour

This week you have been asked to share the Year 6 class  SMART learning behaviour with mum or dad.

I would like to know which of these behaviours you believe will be the most important for you and your learning this year.

Have a chat with mum  or dad and cast your vote on the poll below.  It will be interesting to see what everyone thinks!               

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The Three R’s..rehearse, rehearse,rehearse!

This weekend you have been asked to prepare for the presentation of  your Learning Portfolio to mum and dad.

So…hopefully you have your portfolio and your script at home with you this weekend.

Now what?            Rehearse! Rehearse ! Rehearse!

Here are a few tips to help you with your rehearsal.

  • Practise your presentation aloud (it will not be as helpful if you just say it in your head).  Sometimes talking to yourself is not a sign of madness. ( an old fashioned saying)
  • Do not rush. Speak more slowly and clearly than you normally would.
  • Practise maintaining eye-contact with mum or dad.

and once you have rehearsed and rehearsed…

  • Don’t read it. It may be helpful to create some  cue cards with simple dot points OR you may be more comfortable with your script as it is.
  • Finally, remember what we spoke about today in class. Learning is about taking risks and working outside our comfort zone.


Oh and… ‘A’ is for EFFORT!


So…rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

The Weekly Tracking Sheet

The ‘Weekly Tracking Sheet’ outlines for students the learning activities that will take place during the coming week in class.  It also contains a weekly goal that you are expected to achieve.

Just as importantly, it is to used as a tool  to  monitor your ability to keep ‘on track ‘  in relation to the completion of classroom tasks. 

Are you  managing your learning?