Weekly Learning Goals

Each week you are set a weekly learning goal…sometimes more than one.

This past week you have been asked to  gather feedback from mum or dad regarding your Learning  Portfolio cover.

You were asked to be “bossy” and make sure that mum or dad were quite specific with their comments which needed to be  centred around De Bono’s ‘yellow and black hat’ thinking.

yellow hat


Oh…and well done to those who have left a comment on Wallwisher! You will need to scroll across and up or down to see view the sticky notes.

The Egg Of Columbus

'Egg of Columbu's image courtesy of Puzzles.COM

'Egg of Columbus' image courtesy of Puzzles.COM

The puzzle ‘Egg of Columbus’ appears at first glance to be a simple tangram puzzle. All you need to do is use the 9 pieces of the egg to create 6 basic shapes. You must use all of the pieces, none of which are allowed to overlap. Sounds easy???

It became very apparent, after a few short minutes that this egg puzzle was proving to be difficult to crack. The ability of students to persist and think creatively was being tested with the levels of frustration within the classroom rising with every minute.

Students achieved variable degrees of success. After all, we can’t all be spatially talented. Only a few children managed to find all six solutions. Most managed to complete three or four and came to the conclusion that just because something looks easy doesn’t mean that it is.

 Oh…and for those few inquisitive students who wanted to know how the puzzle got its name… click here.

Welcome to 2011

Dear Parents,
This morning has signalled the start of a new school year… no more sleepy mornings, leisurely breakfasts and routine free days.
These will be replaced by the annoying  sound of a morning  alarm, preparation of  school lunches and hectic weekly routines.

Having said that, I would like to welcome you to our ‘Grade 6B learning community’ and our class blog. Regular visits to our class blog will enable you to keep in touch with what is happening in the classroom. It also serves as a communication tool between school and home in relation to important dates and forthcoming events.

Today the children were issued with their student diary. Each day it must be taken home and returned to school the next day.

Students have been set a weekly goal. Yes, I know that this is a very short week, so I have kept it simple.

 They have been asked to talk about their day and share with you the ‘Smart Learning Behaviour’ document that is pasted in their diary. Children should be able to discuss each point in some detail.

The document also appears on the sidebar of this blog under the title ” For You To Read” . Click on the document to enlarge it for easy reading.

Learning Goals, Tracking sheets…whose responsibility?

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Dear Parents,
This week, only 50% of children followed through with their learning goal: “to share their cereal box with mum or dad and obtain a written comment on their criteria sheet. Given that they had a fortnight to do so, this outcome is very disappointing.
Why was this so?
Mostly the reason for this was that students left it until the last moment to take their cereal box home so that they could collect feedback from mum or dad.

However, children being children, there was no shortage of sad stories.
Some went on to say that their mum or dad work 24 hours in every day and that there wasn’t any time in their busy lives for the sharing to take place.
Some children decided that they are far too busy playing sport after school. This, they protested, is followed with a quick evening meal and then bedtime.

The excuses went on and on…all of which fell on deaf ears. When you have been teaching for quite some time,( I won’t say how long) you’ve heard them all.
Finaly, after much discussion, we came to an agreed conclusion that those who had not followed through with their goal were indeed, plainly put, slack. The responsibility fell squarely upon their shoulders.
Your support in this regard is and will, continue to be valued.

Anzac Day Pages In Learning Portfolio

Hopefully all students have completed their goal for last week which was to share the Anzac Day double page in their Learning Portfolio.

This included an Anzac Day brochure and printscreen of an Anzac Day Photo Story. It sould also include two quiz results and the Anzac Soldier’s Letter.

For all other work to be completed click th

e link to view the tracking sheet.

trackingsheetmaster 14th May

Learning Portfolios Are To Be Completed This Week

This week’s Learning Goal states that Individual Learning Portfolios are to be completely up to date by this Friday.
Students should be in the habit of recording a homework plan each week in their diary.
This week some classtime has been dedicated to the creation of “Sticky Notes” on student Netbook desktops.
The “Sticky Notes” show in more detail what specific tasks need to be completed, when and where time will be set aside for their completion.
Some students are well on the way to achieving this week’s goal while others will need your assistance in monitoring their homework plans.

Prep Buddy Tabloid Sports

Last week, working in teams, Grade 6 students were asked to plan, prepare and teach a tabloid sport activity for the Prep students.

For this task they needed to consider the aim of their ‘lesson’, the equipment they would need and the instructions they would need to give.


 Students were asked to share what they had learnt from this experience.

We learnt that…

“We need to be very clear when giving instructions. ‘Follow me!’ doesn’t always mean that they will.”

“We learnt that some Prep children have trouble concentrating. Sometimes a dead bug is more interesting than following instructions.”

” We learnt that just because you expect children to follow instructions,   there is always the possibility of a tantrum or two.”