I have a dream…

“I have a dream”…a quote from an infamous speech given by  an American  man called Martin Luther King in 1963, about the rights of black Americans.

Jessica Watson is an Australian  had a dream of her own.

Visit the link below and answer these questions…

What risks did Jessica take to achieve her dream? 

What inspired you the most about her story?





Oh…and an additional task if you want ‘to go the extra yards’…What did you think of Martin Luther King’s dream?


Should we or shouldn’t we?

Last weekend many billions of  people around the world witnessed the ‘fairy tale’ royal wedding …many of them Australians. The wedding  is said to have created an  increased interest in the Royal Family .

There are others though, that believe that the time has come for Australia to cut its ties with England and become a republic .  This means that we would no longer have The Queen as our head of government.
So…should Australia become a republic? What do you think?

Do some research. Discuss this question with your family or visit the links above to help you with your decision.

Let me know what you decide. Oh…and leave a comment explaining your decision.

Renewable Energy…a comment on the comments

Thank you to the students that have taken the time to respond to recent posts. One comment in particular has promted me to post this .

I have copied the comment below from a reply to a request from Zoe and Mercedes. Well done girls for ‘digging deeper’ with your questioning.

Zoe and Mercedes,

I am posing a couple of questions, but as you know when I am posing a question to a few, I am asking the question of all students.

So here they are:

 Questions #1and #2

Did you answer the third question about nuclear power plants?

 If so, did you carry out any research before you gave me your answer or did you just take a 50/50 shot at getting it right?


Question #3

This is a mathematical question. Look at the results of each of the polls. Can you explain why  the % of Yes/No answers to the second question is more equal?

 I look forward  to all of your responses.

Social Networking Sites…Whose Responsibility?

There is no doubt that the average 12 year old has definite opinions on many topics and is more than capable of arguing the point when it counts. Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboards to communicate an opinion challenges the most capable of students.

This week we have viewed the Behind the News segement dedicated to discussing social networking sites and related issues such as user safety and privacy.  Below are some examples of the student’s written responses to the question “Social Networking Sites-Whose Responsibility?”

 Thankyou to Jordan and Jordan, Kate, Sam, Aimee and Jared for sharing their opinions.

Jordan PJordan G


kate     JC

 Aimee's Facebook - Microsoft Word_2010-06-11_20-25-49Sam's Social Networking - Microsoft Word_2010-06-11_20-41-47

Should Australia Have A New Flag?

Writing is one of the most difficult task that you will be confronted with at school? Talented writers use words to paint pictures in the minds of the reader: words that stir emotions, words that share information, just words …
This week, after researching the topic and engaging in class discussion, students were asked to address the question “Should Australia Change Its Flag?”

Now you can register your vote on the poll below. No fence sitting allowed.Make your opinion count. you can only vote once!