The Invention Test …a gastronomical group challenge

The grand finale, the  “pièce de résistance”, our Pantry Plunder Invention Test didn’t make the front page of any newspaper or magazine.

It was however, the final stage of a process that has seen the children, (working in groups) with the aim of following recipe below…
1 heaped cup of research
2 cups of careful planning
300grams of analysis 
2 heaped tablespoons of justified decision making ( be wary of excess stiring)
1 tablespoon of the zest of motivated students

There was plenty of slicing and dicing, grating and plating.

Thank you to all of our parent helpers who ensured that safe foodhandling practice was adhered to. 

Thank you to our guest judges who were faced with some tough decisions.

And finally…Well Done Year 6 Master Chefs!
To quote an old saying “The proof is in the pudding” however, in this case” too many chefs did not spoil the broth”. ( ask mum or dad to explain the meaning of these)

Nutrition Quiz

Try your luck!!! Have a go at completing this short quiz.When you have finished…click on this link to create your own quiz on a topic of your choice,


  1. Which of these is not a food group?
    Sugars and salts
    Breads and Grains

  2. Which food group is a source of calcium?
    Breads and Grains

  3. Oranges are a rich in
    Vitamin z
    Vitamin C

  4. A nutritious cereal is one that
    contains dierty fibre, vitamins and minerals
    contains sugar and salt
    contains salt and natural protein
    is low in energy and high in fats
    is high is fibre and salts

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