Boy Overboard…

Our class ‘read aloud’ text for this term is Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. Many of you would be familiar with his humorous stories such as Misery Guts, Blabber Mouth and Worry Warts…lots of laughs!

So what about Boy Overboard?   This novel certainly contains some humour, that’s for sure. ( Judging from the quiet giggles from the audience. By the way, that’s you, 5A .)

However, you do not have to think too deeply to recognise that, in sharing the story of Jamal and Bibi ( the main characters), there is much more to tell. As we read, we make connections,. The stories become real.

Below is a link to a BTN segment ‘Afghanistan’.  This video deals with some sensitive issues and as such, you might like to involve mum or dad in this homework task .


I’d really value your response to these questions…

What ‘text to text’ or ‘text to world’ connections pop into your head as you watch this BTN segment? Would like swap places with  Bibi and Jamal?

What ‘big questions’ to you have?