Off to a positive start…

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our NGPS Open Night.

It was great to see mums, dads and students enjoying the opportunity to visit classrooms.

To my students…Well done! I loved listening to your ‘ tour guide’ commentaries.

I look forward to reading your reflections about the Positive Start Program….a first for New Gisborne Primary.

School concert reminder from Mrs J…

Don’t leave  organising your costume for the concert until the last minute.

This is what you need…

Luke’s Group: Park Scene
This depends on the child’s role in the item. For example, boxers will wear sporing clothes with boxing gloves
Liam’s Group: Military Scene
Navy pants, bright coloured t shirt (not black or white) and school bomber jacket

So you think you can skip…

So you think you can skip! So did I… that is until last Tuesday when Hesket Primary School’s skipping team came to visit.

The fifteen students amazed us with their skill. It’s no wonder that Hesket Primary has won ten out of twelve state championships.

Want to see more? Visit  Ms Hunichens and Mrs Hollands‘ and Miss Wencel’s class blogs to view You Tube videos. Check to make sure that it is OK with mum or dad before you do.

Let them know what you think.

So…do you really think you can skip?

Prep buddy tabloid sports afternoon..Congratulations Year 6!

Never work with children or animals…apparently sound advice for some.
But look what happens when children work with children…especially when Year 6 students work with their Prep buddies.

What did you learn from this experience Grade 6?  Did you enjoy the afternoon’s activity?

When Footballers Came To Visit

When three rookie footballers from the Essendon AFL team came to visit they were greeted by a sea of curious faces.
The students were asked to pose questions around the concepts of persistence, organisation, self-sacrifice, peer group pressure and discipline.
Some children were most surprised to learn that there is more to being a league football player than playing football.

What was the one thing  you learnt that impressed you or surprised you?





Parent Information Evening…a back to the classroom experience.

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those parents who attended last Thursday’s information evening.  Hopefully it gave you a snapshot of what might constitute part of a normal school day for your child.

I was greeted on Friday morning by some very excited children who had been told by their mum or dad that they had earned them a ‘your-time’ sticker…an added bonus!

Others were equally excited or entertained by the fact that mum or dad were put to the test by the infamous ‘tablemaster’ challenge and ‘that tracking sheet’.

How did you manage your learning?

Dear Students,

For those students whose mum or dad attended the evening,, you had some ‘thinking hat’  reflection you had to gather from your parents.

And for you Tom… below is a direct link to the parent tracking sheet used on Thursday night.  Ironically I had to retrieve it from my recycle bin on my desktop.

Parent Work tracking

The Final Countdown


The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. I’d like to say that with that comes the opportunity to slow down, relax, sing Christmas Carols and make Christmas cards. Sad to say.. the holiday season is not with us yet! ( check the countdown)

Today we listed a number of important dates in our student diaries:


   7th December        Year 6 Transition ….have you completed the necessary forms?


   10th December     Solar Boat Race Day ….have you returned your note and payment?


   14th December     Cake Auction…put your money where your mouth is. (another old-fashioned saying that in this case, is very relevant)


   16th December     Grade 6 Graduation…have you returned your form and payment and  provided your  menu choice?