One Day on Earth

One Day on Earth Participant Trailer from One Day On Earth on Vimeo.


Today we viewed this video.
As you watch the images , as you listen to the words…I wonder what you are thinking and what mesages you are receiving.

Visit the website by clicking on the image below and read about the “One Day On Earth” project. I would appreciate your thoughts and especially  those of mum and dad.

An activity worth considering? …Let me know!   


One Day On Earth - The World's Story is Yours to Tell - Windows Internet Explore_2010-09-03_20-22-13

Oh…and by the way 6B, what is a time capsule? Have a conversation with mum and dad. I’m sure they can shed some light on the subject.

Nutrition Quiz

Try your luck!!! Have a go at completing this short quiz.When you have finished…click on this link to create your own quiz on a topic of your choice,


  1. Which of these is not a food group?
    Sugars and salts
    Breads and Grains

  2. Which food group is a source of calcium?
    Breads and Grains

  3. Oranges are a rich in
    Vitamin z
    Vitamin C

  4. A nutritious cereal is one that
    contains dierty fibre, vitamins and minerals
    contains sugar and salt
    contains salt and natural protein
    is low in energy and high in fats
    is high is fibre and salts

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