The Invention Test …a gastronomical group challenge

The grand finale, the  “pièce de résistance”, our Pantry Plunder Invention Test didn’t make the front page of any newspaper or magazine.

It was however, the final stage of a process that has seen the children, (working in groups) with the aim of following recipe below…
1 heaped cup of research
2 cups of careful planning
300grams of analysis 
2 heaped tablespoons of justified decision making ( be wary of excess stiring)
1 tablespoon of the zest of motivated students

There was plenty of slicing and dicing, grating and plating.

Thank you to all of our parent helpers who ensured that safe foodhandling practice was adhered to. 

Thank you to our guest judges who were faced with some tough decisions.

And finally…Well Done Year 6 Master Chefs!
To quote an old saying “The proof is in the pudding” however, in this case” too many chefs did not spoil the broth”. ( ask mum or dad to explain the meaning of these)

The Canberra Quiz

As a lead up to the Federal Election, we spent some time looking into the history of our nation’s capital city.Individually and in groups students prepared for simple quiz.

The results were quite disappointing, so… after being given some additional preparartion time…we did it all again.
What is that saying ? “If at first you don’t suceed…”

And…succeed they did!  Visit the student blogs to learn more.

Click on the link below to read Jordan’s  honest account of  behaviours that effected her performance.

Canberra Reflection- Jordan G

Breakfast Cereals… the good, the bad and the ugly

Given that breakfast is meant to fuel our bodies with energy needed to kick start our day, our students have been engaged in an-ongoing investigation in relation to the nutritional value of breakfast cereals.
We began by looking into the nutrition of cereals and ranking them accordingly.

They then had to investigate cereal boxes in order to create one of their own using a number of criteria, one of which was to include 3 of the ” tricks of advertising”   

Students have been asked to explain the task in detail to mum and dad and  gather written feedback on their criteria sheet.



Earn and Learn"What's Happening?"

Congratulations to the winners of our Community Design Competition. No doubt this has been a very profitable venture for those involved.

Our Earn and Learn Community finally has a name…thanks to Olivia and Dean. Citta di Paradosso is now open for business!!

Very soon our community members will be cashed up and ready to delve into the trials and tribulations of high finance. There is no such thing as the dole in our community. Everyone has to pull their weight. We have a Government,corporate banking, a retail sector and much more. We will earn wages, pay taxes and invest in superannuation. ( No tax evasion is allowed.) We will take out health insurance ,open bank accounts, obtain a car licence ( time to get off the road!) and rent or own property.


The first five businesses reading and making a comment on this blog post will be eligable for free entry into the “Getting Started In Business” forum. Each business will also be featured in their own post entry located on the Earn and Learn page of our class blog.

The Architect's Puzzle

The Achitect’s Puzzle is a Maths activity that has taken up much of our class time over the last week or so. This task required students to work through a sequence of activities.Working with a partner, students first needed to find all possible models that can be constructed using 4 cubes. Sounds easy doesn’t it?  


For some it was a real challenge! As each combination was discovered, it had to be recorded on isometric paper as a three dimensional diagram. Sounds easy doesn’t it??

SDC11114                                    SDC11115

 Once all the diagrams had been completed, children formed groups of four to create a bird’s-eye view plan of our Earn and Learn Community (otherwise known as our double classroom.) Sounds easy??? It may well have been except for the fact that it had to be drawn to scale. Not so easy!The isometric drawings which represented our Earn and Learn businesses and had to placed onto their plan. Finally the easy bit… students could add detail to their plan such as roads, parks and other community facilities.


          SDC11109                 SDC11112

This week all the finished plans will be displayed and one successful group of “architects” will have the honour of having their plan voted on as the winning Earn and Learn Community plan.

The winning entry will be posted soon. Watch this space!

Working In A Team…the final result.

Over the past two weeks students have worked in their teams to produce  a video that meets this criteria.
Individually collect: the lyrics, video and music of the song “Caught in the Crowd”, by Kate Miller-Heidke
As a group produce a storyboard that shows;
• Time
• Action of characters
• Setting
• Lyrics
• Camera shot details

Rehearse your performance and edit  your storyboard.
Every group member will produce their own 60 second video clip using  Audacity and Windows Movie Maker.


Each team member had to rate their performance in relation to their contribution to the task.

Working In A Team

This past week we have been busily working on our first ‘Working In Team Task’. We listened to the music video clip by Kate Miller Heidke titled “Caught in the Crowd”. It generated rich conversation around the questions “What is message this song sends?” and ” What is our responsibiliy as a bystander to bullying?”
Click on this link to view the video clip.

The team task asks students to produce a 60 second video clip based upon the lyrics of the song that will share an important message in relation to bullying.